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This is a complete list of all the books, conference papers, journal articles,
and patents published by the WIMS2 Center since its founding in 2000.
Type Title
Book Comprehensive Microsystems
Book Gallium Nitride for M/NEMS
Book High-Speed Chromatography
Conference Compact system with handheld microfabricated optoelectronic probe for needle-based tissue sensing applications
Conference Increased blocking voltage in solution processed ZTO HVTFTs through drain offset
Conference 'Wet' AC Actuated Microlfuidic Micropore Array for Patterning Diffusible Gradients During Cell Culture
Conference ±2ppm Frequency Drift and 300x Reduction of Bias Drift of Commercial 6-Axis Inertial Measurement Units Using a Low-Power Oven-Control Micro Platform
Conference µgC × µgC Microsystem with Resistive and Optical Detection
Conference 1-V Ultra-Low-Power CMOS LC VCO for UHF Quadrature Signal Generation
Conference 1.14-GHz Self-Aligned Vibrating Micromechanical Disk Resonator
Conference 1.2 GS/s Hadamard Transform Front-End for Compressive Sensing in 65nm CMOS
Conference 1.51-GHz Polydiamond Micromechanical Disk Resonator with Impedance-mismatched Isolating Support
Conference 12.1 a Rational-Conversion-Ratio Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter Using Negative-Output Feedback
Conference 16.3 a 23Mb/s 23pJ/B Fully Synthesized True-Random-Number Generator in 28nm and 65nm CMOS
Conference 17.3 a Reconfigurable Dual-Port Memory with Error Detection and Correction in 28nm FDSOI
Conference 1V 400MHz CMOS Class-E Power Amplifier With Dynamic Body Biasing for Medical Implant Communication Service (MICS)
Conference 2-D and 3-D Lattice Probes for Mitigating Chronic Reaction in Brain Tissue
Conference 21.4 a >78%-Efficient Light Harvester Over 100-To-100klux with Reconfigurable PV-Cell Network and MPPT Circuit
Conference 21.5 a Current-Mode Wireless Power Receiver with Optimal Resonant Cycle Tracking for Implantable Systems
Conference 24.3 a 36.8 2b-TOPS/W Self-Calibrating GPS Accelerator Implemented Using Analog Calculation in 65nm LP CMOS
Conference 243.3pJ/Pixel Bio-Inspired Time-Stamp-Based 2D Optic Flow Sensor for Artificial Compound Eyes
Conference 259 Second ring-down time and 4.45 million quality factor in 5.5 kHz fused silica birdbath
shell resonator
Conference 26.7 a 10mm3 Syringe-Implantable Near-Field Radio System on Glass Substrate
Conference 26.8 a 236nW -56.5dBm-Sensitivity Bluetooth Low-Energy Wakeup Receiver with Energy Harvesting in 65nm CMOS
Conference 2D Resonant Microscanner for Dual Axes Confocal Fluorescence Endomicroscope
Conference 2nd Generation Diamond Cochlear Probes
Conference 3-D Biomimetic Hair Sensors and Actuators
Conference 3.37 µw/Ch modular scalable neural recording system with embedded lossless
compression for dynamic power reduction
Conference 3.37 µW/Ch modular scalable neural recording system with embedded lossless
compression for dynamic power reduction
Conference 3D-SOULE: A Fabrication Process for Large Scale Integration and Micromachining of Spherical Structures
Conference 3rd Generation Diamond Cochlear Probes
Conference 4.0GHz 9.18um CMOS PLL Based On An Interpolative Oscillator
Conference 45pW ESD Clamp Circuit for Ultra-Low Power Applications
Conference 5.8 a 4.7nW 13.8ppm/°C Self-Biased Wakeup Timer Using a Switched-Resistor Scheme
Conference 60-MHz Wine Glass Micromechanical Disk Reference Oscillator
Conference 65nW CMOS Temperature Sensor for Ultra-Low Power Microsystems
Conference 8.5 a 60%-Efficiency 20nW-500µW Tri-Output Fully Integrated Power Management Unit with Environmental Adaptation and Load-Proportional Biasing for IoT Systems
Conference 8.8 iRazor: 3-Transistor Current-Based Error Detection and Correction in an ARM Cortex-R4 Processor
Conference 900mV Programmable Gain Amplifier for Cochlear Implants
Conference 915MHz Ultra Low Power Receiver Using Sub-V<sub>t</sub> Active Rectifiers
Conference A -32dBm Sensitivity RF Power Harvester in 130nm CMOS
Conference A 0.27V 30MHz 17.7nJ/Transform 1024-pt Complex FFT Core with Super-Pipelining
Conference A 0.33V/-40°C Process/Temperature Closed-Loop Compensation SoC Embedding All-Digital Clock Multiplier and DC-DC Converter Exploiting FDSOI 28nm Back-Gate Biasing
Conference A 0.3mm/2 Miniaturized X-Band On-Chip Slot Antenna in 0.13/spl µm CMOS
Conference A 0.45V 423nW 3.2MHz Multiplying DLL with Leakage-Based Oscillator for Ultra-Low-Power Sensor Platforms
Conference A 0.5-480 MHz Self-Referenced CMOS Clock Generator with 90ppm Total Frequency Error and Spread Spectrum Capability
Conference A 0.5V 20fj/Conversion-Step Rail-to-Rail SAR ADC with Programmable Time-Delayed Control Units for Multi-Channel Neural Recording Systems
Conference A 0.7pF-To-10nF Fully Digital Capacitance-To-Digital Converter Using Iterative Delay-Chain Discharge
Conference A 1-MHz 5kb/s Wireless Command Receiver for Electronic Site Selection in Multichannel Neural Biopotential Recording
Conference A 1-V UHF Low Noise Amplifier for Ultralow-Power Applications
Conference A 1.36µW Adaptive CMOS Image Sensor with Reconfigurable Modes of Operation from Available Energy/Illumination for Distributed Wireless Sensor Network
Conference A 1.5V 120nW CMOS Programmable Monolithic Reference Generator for Wireless Implantable System
Conference A 1.6nJ/Bit, 19.9µA Peak Current Fully Integrated 2.5mm&lt;sup&gt;2&lt;/sup&gt; Inductive Transceiver for Volume-Constrained Microsystems
Conference A 1.6nJ/bit, 19.9µA Peak Current Fully Integrated 2.5mm<sup>2</sup> Inductive Transceiver for Volume-Constraned Microsystems
Conference A 1.85fW/bit Ultra Low Leakage 10T SRAM with Speed Compensation Scheme
Conference A 1µW 85nV/vHz Pseudo Open-Loop Preamplifier with Programmable Band-Pass Filter for Neural Interface System
Conference A 10.6mm3 Fully-Integrated, Wireless Sensor Node with 8GHz UWB Transmitter
Conference A 100MS/s 10.5b 2.46mW Comparator-Less Pipeline ADC Using Self-Biased Ring Amplifiers
Conference A 10mV-Input Boost Converter with Inductor Peak Current Control and Zero Detection for Thermoelectric Energy Harvesting
Conference A 116nW Multi-Band Wake-Up Receiver with 31-bit Correlator and Interference Rejection
Conference A 12,800-well single-cell-derived sphere assay chip utilizing highly-parallel microfluidic

structures for cancer heterogeneity studies
Conference A 120nW 8b Sub-Ranging SAR ADC with Signal-Dependent Charge Recycling for Biomedical Applications
Conference A 128-Pixel Digitally-Programmable Microfluidic Platform for Non-Contact Droplet Actuation Using Marangoni Flows
Conference A 12mW Low-Power Continuous-Time Bandpass ?S Modulator with 58dB SNDR and 24MHz Bandwidth at 200MHz IF
Conference A 14mW Fractional-N PLL modulator with a novel digital phase detector and frequency switching scheme
Conference A 1550 NM phase change electro-optical shutter
Conference A 16-Bit Mixed-Signal Microsystem with Integrated CMOS-MEMS Clock Reference
Conference A 16-Bit Mixed-Signal Microsystem with Integrated CMOS-MEMS Clock Reference
Conference A 16-bit, Low-Power Microsystem with Monolithic MEMS-LC Clocking
Conference A 160nW 63.9fJ/Conversion-Step Capacitance-To-Digital Converter for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Nodes
Conference A 1900MHz-Band GSM-Based Clock-Harvesting Receiver with -87dBm Sensitivity
Conference A 2-D Directional Air Flow Sensor Array Made Using Stereolithography and MEMS Micro-Hydraulic Structures
Conference A 2.4GHz 2Mb/s Digital PLL-Based Transmitter for 802.15.4 in 130nm CMOS
Conference A 2.5nJ duty-cycled bridge-to-digital converter integrated in a 13mm3pressure-sensing system
Conference A 2.98nW Bandgap Voltage Reference Using a Self-Tuning Low Leakage Sample and Hold
Conference A 23Mb/s 23pJ/b Fully Synthesized True-Random-Number Generator in 28nm and 65 nm CMOS
Conference A 23mW Face Recognition Accelerator in 40nm CMOS with Mostly-Read 5T Memory
Conference A 23pW, 780ppm/°C Resistor-Less Current Reference Using Subthreshold MOSFETs
Conference A 25MHz All-CMOS Reference Clock Generator for XO-Replacement in Serial Wire Interfaces
Conference A 266nW Multi-Chopper Amplifier with 1.38 Noise Efficiency Factor for Neural Signal Recording
Conference A 272.49 pJ/pixel CMOS image sensor with embedded object detection and bio-inspired

2D optic flow generation for nano-air-vehicle navigation
Conference A 272.49 pJ/pixel CMOS image sensor with embedded object detection and bio-inspired

2D optic flow generation for nano-air-vehicle navigation
Conference A 2kPa per stage and 1.3sccm flow rate modular two-stage electrostatic gas micropump

with stiffened drive electrodes
Conference A 3-DOF Piezoelectric Micro Vibratory Stage Based on Bulk-PZT/Silicon Crab-Leg Suspensions
Conference A 3.4µW CMOS Image Sensor with Embedded Feature-Extraction Algorithm for Motion-Triggered Object-Of-Interest Imaging
Conference A 3.5 GS/s 5-b Flash ADC in 90 nm CMOS
Conference A 3.6mW 2.4-GHz Multi-Channel Super-Regenerative Receiver in 130nm CMOS
Conference A 300nW Near-Threshold 187.5-500 kHz Programmable Clock Generator for Ultra Low Power SoCs
Conference A 32-Channel Active High Density Connector for Biomedical Applications
Conference A 32-Site 4-Channel Cochlear Electrode Array
Conference A 32kb SRAM for Error-Free and Error-Tolerant Applications with Dynamic Energy-Quality Management in 28nm CMOS
Conference A 32nW Bandgap Reference Voltage Operational from 0.5V Supply for Ultra-Low Power Systems
Conference A 335µW -72dBm receiver for FSK back-channel embedded in 5.8GHz Wi-Fi OFDM

Conference A 346 μm² Reference –Free Sensor Interface for Highly Constrained Microsystems in 28nm CMOS
Conference A 346µm2 Reference-Free Sensor Interface for Highly Constrained Microsystems in 28nm CMOS
Conference A 380µW Rx, 2.6mW Tx 433MHz FSK transceiver with a 102dB link budget and bit-level duty cycling
Conference A 3D Implantable Microsystem for Intraocular Pressure Monitoring Using a Glass-In-Silicon Reflow Process
Conference A 3nW Fully Integrated Energy Harvester Based on Self-Oscillating Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter
Conference A 4.4 nW lossless sensor data compression accelerator for 2.9x system power reduction

in wireless body sensors
Conference A 42nJ/conversion on-demand state-of-charge indicator for miniature IoT Li-ion batteries
Conference A 467nW CMOS Visual Motion Sensor with Temporal Averaging and Pixel Aggregation
Conference A 470mV 2.7mW Feature Extraction-Accelerator for Micro-Autonomous Vehicle Navigation in 28nm CMOS
Conference A 4GS/s 4bit Flash ADC in 0.18µm CMOS
Conference A 5.42nW/kB Retention Power Logic-Compatible Embedded DRAM with 2T Dual-Vt Gain Cell for Low Power Sensing Applications
Conference A 5.58nW 32.768kHz DLL-Assisted XO for Real-Time Clocks in Wireless Sensing Applications
Conference A 5.8nW, 45ppm/°C On-Chip CMOS Wake-Up Timer Using a Constant Charge Subtraction Scheme
Conference A 5.8nW, 45ppm/°C On-Chip CMOS Wake-up Timer Using a Constant Charge Subtraction Scheme
Conference A 5.9µm-Pixel 2D/3D Image Sensor with Background Suppression Over 100klx
Conference a 57db SFDR Digitally Calibrated 500MS/s Folding ADC in 0.18um Digital CMOS
Conference A 5GHz Fully Integrated Super-Regenerative Receiver With On-Chip Slot Antenna in 0.13um CMOS
Conference A 5mW 250MS/s 12-Bit Synthesized Digital to Analog Converter
Conference A 5V Closed-Loop Second-Order Sigma-Delta Micro-G Microaccelerometer
Conference A 6-DOF Piezoelectric Micro Vibratory Stage Based on Multi-Axis Distributed-Electrode Excitation of PZT/Si Unimorph T-Beams
Conference A 6.45µW Self-Powered IoT SoC with Integrated Energy-Harvesting Power Management and ULP Asymmetric Radios
Conference A 6.67mW Sparse Coding ASIC Enabling On-Chip Learning and Inference
Conference A 60GHz Antenna-Referenced Frequency-Locked Loop in 0.13µm CMOS for Wireless Sensor Networks
Conference A 635pW Battery Voltage Supervisory Circuit for Miniature Sensor Nodes
Conference A 64 Channel Programmable Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulator With 8 Channel Neural Amplifier and Logarithmic ADC
Conference A 660pW Multi-Stage Temperature-Compensated Timer for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Sensor Node Synchronization
Conference A 8.6 µW 3-Bit Programmable Gain Amplifier for Multiplexed-Input Neural Recording Systems
Conference A 90MS/s 11MHz Bandwidth 62dB SNDR Noise-Shaping SAR ADC
Conference A 915MHz asymmetric radio using Q-enhanced amplifier for a fully integrated

3√ó3√ó3mm3wireless sensor node with 20m non-line-of-sight communication
Conference A 95fJ/b Current-Mode Transceiver for 10mm On-Chip Interconnect
Conference A 98nW Wake-Up Radio for Wireless Body Area Networks
Conference A 99nW 70.4kHz Resistive Frequency Locking On-Chip Oscillator with 27.4ppm/°C Temperature Stability
Conference A 9Gbit/s Serial Transceiver for On-Chip Global Signaling Over Lossy Transmission Lines
Conference A battery-less 507nW SoC with integrated platform power manager and SiP interfaces
Conference A Battery-powered 8-channel Wireless FM IC for Biopotential Recording Applications
Conference A Bi-Stable Electrothermal RF Switch for High Power Applications
Conference A bidirectional Knudsen pump with superior thermal management for micro-gas

chromatography applications
Conference A big data management and analytics framework for bridge monitoring
Conference A Body-Driven Offset Cancellation Technique in PD-SOI
Conference A Bulk PZT Microsensor for In-Situ Tissue Contrast Detection During Fine Needle Aspiration Biopsy of Thyroid Nodules
Conference A Cavity-Less Micromachined Capacitive Pressure Sensor for Wireless Operation in Liquid Ambient
Conference A Chronic Drug-Delivery Probe with On-Chip Corrugated Microvalves
Conference A cloud-based information repository for bridge monitoring applications
Conference A CMOS Voltage-to-Frequency Linearizing Preprocessor for Parallel Plate RF MEMS Varactors
Conference A CMOS-Compatible Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Scavenger Based on the Integration of Bulk PZT Films on Silicon
Conference A Cochlear Electrode Array with Built-in Position Sensing
Conference A Compact 5GHz Q-enhanced Standing-Wave Resonator-Based Filter in 0.13um CMOS
Conference A Compact 5GHz Standing-Wave Resonator-Based VCO in ).13/spl um CMOS
Conference A Compact Architecture for Three-Dimensional Neural Microelectrode Arrays
Conference A Compact Dual-/Multi-Band Wireless LAN Antenna
Conference A Compact Printed Folded Dipole Antenna for Wireless Applications
Conference A Compact Ultra-Wideband Antenna for Time- and Frequency-Domain Applications
Conference A Compact, Optofluidic System for Measuring Red Blood Cell Concentration
Conference A Comparison Between Experiments and Fem Predictions for Blowtorch Reflow of Fused Silica Micro-Shell Resonators
Conference A Comparison of Multi-Transducer Arrays and Single-Transducer Arrays for the Determination of Multi-Vapor Mixtures
Conference A Computational Approach to the Joint Design of Distributed Data Compression and Data Dissemination in a Data-gathering Wireless Sensor Network
Conference A Configurable TCAM/BCAM/SRAM Using 28nm Push-Rule 6T Bit Cell
Conference A Cubic-Millimeter Energy-Autonomous Wireless Intraocular Pressure Monitor
Conference A DC-Powered High-Voltage Generator Using a Bulk Pt-Rh Oscillating Micro-Relay
Conference A DC-Powered, Tunable, Fully Mechanical Oscillator Using In-Plane Electrothermal Actuation
Conference A Die-Scale Micromachining Process for Bulk PZT and Its Application to In-Plane Actuators
Conference A Direct Visual and Motor Neural Interface Demonstration in a Rat
Conference A Discrete Model for an Electrostatically Driven Micro-Hydraulic Actuator
Conference A Doublet Microlens Array for Imaging of Biological Micron-Size Objects
Conference A Drug-Delivery Probe with an In-Line Flowmeter Based on Tranch Refill and Chemical Mechanical Polishing Techniques
Conference A DSP Architecture for Cochlear Implants
Conference A Dual-EDM Reverse Damascene Process for RF Switches and Other Bulk Metal Devices
Conference A Dual-Shank Neural Probe Integrated with Double Waveguides on Each Shank for Optogenetic Applications
Conference A Dual-V<sub>DD</sub> Boosted Pulsed Bus Technique for Low Power and Low Leakage Operation
Conference A Dynamic Reconfigurable A/D Converter for Sensor Applications
Conference A Facile, Standardized Fabrication Approach and Scalable Architecture for a Micro Gas Chromatography System with Integrated Pump
Conference A Fixed-Point Neural Network for Keyword Detection on Resource Constrained Hardware
Conference A Flexible Fish-Bone-Shaped Neural Probe Strengthened by Biodegradable Silk Coating for Enhanced Biocompatibility
Conference A Flux-Free Pb-Sn Solder Bonding Technology for Wafer-Level Chip-Scale Vacuum Packaging
Conference A Fully Integrated Auto-Calibrated Super-Regenerative Receiver
Conference A Fully Integrated Counter-Flow Energy Reservoir for 70%-Efficient Peak-Power Delivery in Ultra-LowPower Systems
Conference A Fully Integrated High-Efficiency Peristaltic 18-Stage Gas Micropump with Active Microvalves
Conference A Fully Integrated Successive-Approximation Switched-Capacitor DC-DC Converter with 31mV Output Voltage Resolution
Conference A Fully Integrated Switched-Capacitor Based PMU with Adaptive Energy Harvesting Technique for Ultra-Low Power Sensing Applications
Conference A Fully-Dry PECVD-Oxynitride Process for MicroGC Column Fabrication
Conference A Fully-Integrated 40-Phase Flying-Capacitance-Dithered Switched-Capacitor Voltage Regulator with 6mV Output Ripple
Conference A Fully-Integrated Multi-Site Pressure Sensor for Wireless Arterial Flow Characterization
Conference A Generic Environment-Resistant Packaging Technology for MEMS
Conference A Handheld Microdischarge Spectroscopy System for High-Speed Chemical Analysis of Gaseous and Liquid Samples
Conference A Harsh Environment, Multi-Plasma Microsystem with Pressure Sensor, Gas Purifier, and Chemical Detector
Conference A Heuristic to Determine Low Leakage Sleep State Vectors for CMOS Combinational Circuits
Conference A High On/Off Ratio MEMS Capacitive Switch with Applications in Solar Energy Harvesting
Conference A High-Density Electrode Array for a Cochlear Prosthesis
Conference A High-Density Flexible Connector Array for Multi-Substrate Packages
Conference A High-Performance Microfabricated Gas Chromatography Column
Conference A High-Performance Surface-Micmachined Pirani Gauge in SUMMIT VTM
Conference A High-Performance Temperature-Programmed Gas Chromatography Column
Conference A High-Performance, Temperature-Stable, Continuously Tuned MEMS Capacitor
Conference A High-Q AlGaN/GaN Phonon Trap with Integrated HEMT Read-Out
Conference A High-Q All-Fused Silica Solid-Stem Wineglass Hemispherical Resonator Formed Using Micro Blow Torching and Welding
Conference A High-Q Birdbath Resonator Gyroscope (BRG)
Conference A Highly Programmable Sensor Network Interface with Multiple Sensor Readout Circuits
Conference A Knudsen Pump Using Nanoporous Zeolite for Atmospheric Pressure Operation
Conference A Long Range RFID IC with On-chip ADC in 0.25 ?m CMOS
Conference A Low Impedance VHF Micromechanical Filter Using Coupled-Array Composite Resonators
Conference A Low Noise Readout Circuit for Integrated Electrochemical Biosensor Arrays
Conference A Low Noise Switched-Capacitor Interface Circuit for Sub-Micro Gravity Resolution Micromachined Accelerometers
Conference A Low Phase-Noise Pierce Oscillator Using a Piezoelectric-On-Silica Micromechanical Resonator
Conference A Low Power Fully Integrated Bandpass Operational Amplifier for Biomedical Neural Recording Applications
Conference A Low Power Software-Defined-Radio Baseband Processor for the Internet of Things
Conference A Low Power, High-Speed Miniaturized Thermal Modulator for Comprehensive 2D Gas Chromatography
Conference A Low Power, Micromachined, Proportional Valve for Drug Delivery
Conference A Low Power, Microvalve-Regulated Drug Delivery System Using a SI Micro-Spring Pressurized Balloon Reservoir
Conference A Low-MASS High-Speed µGC Separation Column with Built-in Fluidic Chip-To-Chip Interconnects
Conference A Low-Power Area-Efficient 8 Bit SAR ADC Using Dual Capacitor Arrays for Neural Microsystems
Conference A Low-Power Microinstrument for Chemical Analysis of Remote Environments
Conference A Low-Power Pressure-and Temperature-Programmable microGC Column
Conference A Low-Power VGA Full-Frame Feature Extraction Processor
Conference A Low-Power, Low-Voltage, User-Programmable, Wireless Interface for Reliable Neural Recording
Conference A Low-Profile Three-Dimensional Neural Stimulating Array with On-Chip Current Generation
Conference A Low-Profile Three-Dimensional Silicon/Parylene Stimulating Electrode Array for Neural Prosthesis Applications
Conference A Low-Voltage, Chemical Sensor Interface for Systems-On-Chip: The Fully-Differential Potentiostat
Conference A Magnetically Enhanced 3-Electrode Wireless Micro-Geiger Counter
Conference A Magnetically Enhanced Wireless Micro-Geiger Counter
Conference A MEMS Gas Chromatograph for Determination of Toxic Industrial Chemical Mixtures
Conference A MEMS/Microsystem Curriculum with International Dissemination
Conference A MEMS/Microsystems/Electronics Curriculum with International Dissemination
Conference A Micro Gas Chromatograph for High-Speed Determinations of Explosive Markers
Conference A Micro Gas Chromatograph with Integrated Bi-Directional Pump for Quantitative Analyses
Conference A micro thermal and stress isolation platform for inertial sensors
Conference A Micro Thermoelectric Energy Scavenger for a Hybrid Insect
Conference A Micro Vibratory Stage for on Chip Physical Stimulation and Calibration of MEMS Gyroscopes
Conference A Micro-Fluidic Ultra-Violet Emission Source for Direct Fluorescence of Tryptophan
Conference A Micro-Preconcentrator/Focuser for a Micro-Gas Chromatagraph: Device and Materials Characterization
Conference A Microdischarge-Based Neutron Radiation Detector Utilizing Sputtered Gadolinium Films for Neutron Conversion
Conference A Microdischarge-Based Radiation Detector Utilizing Stacked Electrode Arrays in a TO-5 Package
Conference A Microelectrolytic Device for Electronically Controlled Nitric Oxide Microgradient Generation
Conference A Microfabricated Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography System
Conference A Microfabricated Gas Chromatograph for Parts-per-trillion Determinations of VOCs in Vapor Intrusion Investigations
Conference A Microfabricated Gas Chromatograph for Sub-ppb Determinations of TCE in Vapor Intrusion Investigations
Conference A Microfluidic Chip for Immobilizing and In Vivo Imaging of Drosophila Larvae
Conference A Micromachined Chemical Sensor for Sea Floor Environments: Initial Results
Conference A Micromachined Kelvin Probe for Surface Potential Measurements in Microfluidic Channels and Solid-State Applications
Conference A Micromachined Knudsen Pump for On-Chip Vacuum
Conference A Micromachined Pirani Gauge with Dual Heat Sinks
Conference A Micromachined Platform for Localized Index Modulation in Chirped Fiber Bragg Gratings and Its Application to Ultrafast Optical Pulse Shaping
Conference A Micromachined Polyurethane/Stainless-Steel Capacitive Pressure Sensor Without Cavity and Diaphragm
Conference A Micromachined Stainless Steel Cuff for Electromagnetic Measurement of Flow in Blood Vessels
Conference A Micromachined Titanium Sputter Ion Pump for Cavity Pressure Control
Conference A Micromachined Wireless Gamma Radiation Detector Using Bulk Metal Conversion Layers
Conference A Micropump-Driven High-Speed MEMS Gas Chromatography System
Conference A Microsystem for Trace Environmental Monitoring
Conference A Millimeter-Scale Wireless Imaging System with Continuous Motion Detection and Energy Harvesting
Conference A miniature headstage for high resolution closed-loop optogenetics
Conference A Modal Analysis Application of Compressed Sensing for Enhanced Energy Efficiency in Wireless Structural Monitoring Systems
Conference A Modeling Framework for Computing Lifetime and Information Capacity in Wireless Sensor Networks
Conference A Modular 1mm<sup>3</sup> Die-Stacked Sensing Platform with Optical Communication and Multi-Modal Energy Harvesting
Conference A Modular 32-site Wireless Neural Stimulation Microsystem
Conference A Modular Multiprobe Cortical Neuroprostheses
Conference A Modular Sensor Microsystem Utilizing a Universal Interface Circuit
Conference A Mold and Transfer Technique for Lead-Free Fluxless Soldering and Application to Wafer-Level Low-Temperature Thin-Film Packages
Conference A Monolithic 162-stage Two-part Knudsen Pump for High Compression Ratio
Conference A Monolithic 48-Stage Si-Micromachined Knudsen Pump for High Compression Ratios
Conference A Monolithic Knudsen Pump with 20 SCCM Flow Rate Using Through-Wafer ONO Channels
Conference A Monolithic Three-Axis Silicon Capacitive Accelerometer with Micro-G Resolution
Conference A Multi-Output Supply-Independent Voltage Reference in Standard CMOS Process for Telemetry-Powering Applications
Conference A Multi-Shank Silk-Backed Parylene Neural Probe for Reliable Chronic Recording
Conference A Multi-Step Electromechanical S? Converter for Micro-g Capacitive Accelerometers
Conference A Multichannel Monolithic Wireless Microstimulator
Conference A Multiphysics Reduced Order Model of Valve Pumping in a 4-Stage Vacuum Micropump
Conference A Multirate Recursive ARX Algorithm for Energy Efficient Wireless Structural Monitoring
Conference A Multistage In-Plane Micro-Thermoelectric Cooler
Conference A Neural Amplifier With High Programmable Gain and Tunable Bandwidth
Conference A Neural Signal Processor for an Implantable Multi-Channel Cortical Recording Microsystem
Conference A Neural Stem Cell-Seeded Open Channel Probe
Conference A New Asymmetric Skewed Buffer Design for Runtime Leakage Power Reduction
Conference A New Technique for Jointly Optimizing Gate Sizing and Supply Voltage in Ultra-Low Energy Circuits
Conference A New Transponder Architecture for Long-Range Telemetry Applications
Conference A Novel Approach for Bandwidth Enhancement of Slot Antennas
Conference A Novel Buffer Circuit for Energy Efficient Signaling in Dual-Vdd Systems
Conference A Novel Quad-Pole Slot Antenna with Very Large Bandwidth
Conference A Parametric Study of Dimensional Tolerance and Hydrodynamic Debris Removal in Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining
Conference A Parylene-Silicon Cochlear Electrode Array with Integrated Position Sensors
Conference A Passivated Electrode Batch µEDM Technology for Bulk Metal Transducers and Packages
Conference A Passivated Electrode Batch uEDM Technology for Bulk Metal Transducers and Packages
Conference A Passive, Wireless Strain Sensor Using a Microfabricated Magnetoelastic Beam Element
Conference A Perforated Plate Stacked Si/Glass Heat Exchanger with In-Situ Temperature Sensing for Joule-Thomson Coolers
Conference A Physically Unclonable Function with BER &lt;10&lt;sup&gt;-8&lt;/sup&gt; for Robust Chip Authentication Using Oscillator Collapse in 40nm CMOS
Conference A Piezoelectric Microvalve with Integrated Sensors for Cryogenic Applications
Conference A Piezoelectrically Actuated Ceramic-Si-Glass Microvalve for Distributed Cooling Systems
Conference A Planar Glass/Si Micromachining Process for the Heat Exchanger in a J-T Cryosurgical Probe
Conference A Pneumatically-Actuated Microvalve for Spatially-Selective Chemical Delivery
Conference A Porous Silicon Based Particle Filter for Microsystems
Conference A Power-Optimized 64-Bit Priority Encoder Utilizing Parallel Priority Look-Ahead
Conference A Powerless Optical Microsensor For Monitoring Intraocular Pressure In Keratoprosthetic Implants
Conference A Powerless, Fabry-Perot Laser-based Pressure Microsensor
Conference A Pressure Programmable Gas Chromatography Microsystem Utilizing Motionless Knudsen Pump, Fiber-Integrated Optical Detector, and Silicon Micromachined Separation Column
Conference A Probe Station Based Setup for On-Wafer Antenna Measurement
Conference A Programmable Palm-Size Gas Analyzer for Use in Micro Autonomous Systems
Conference A receiver/antenna co-design for a 1.5mJ per fix fully-integrated 10√ó10√ó6mm3GPS logger
Conference A Reconfigurable FIR Filter Embedded in a 9b Successive Approximation ADC
Conference A Reconfigurable Sense Amplifier with 3X Offset Reduction in 28nm FDSOI CMOS
Conference A Reconfigurable Sense Amplifier with Auto-Zero Calibration and Pre-Amplification in 28nm CMOS
Conference A Ripple Voltage Sensing MPPT Circuit for Ultra-Low Power Microsystems
Conference A Robust -40 to 120°C All-Digital True Random Number Generator in 40nm CMOS
Conference A Robust Batch-Fabricated High-Density Cochlear Electrode Array
Conference A Scalable, Modular, Multi-Stage, Peristaltic, Electrostatic Gas Micro-Pump
Conference A Scanning Thermal Microscopy System with a Temperature Dithering, Servo-Controlled Interface Circuit
Conference A Self-Curling Monolithically-Backed Active High-Density Cochlear Electrode Array
Conference A Self-Supplied Inertial Piezoelectric Energy Harvester with Power-Management IC
Conference A Self-Testing Multiplexed CMOS Stimulating Probe for a 1024-Site Neural Prosthesis
Conference A Silicon Neural Recording Array with Integrated Circuitry for Simultaneous Stimulation and Recording in the Hippocampus of Free Moving Rats/Mice
Conference A six-axis micro platform for in situ calibration of MEMS inertial sensors
Conference A Small Size Large Voltage Compliance Programmable Current Source for Biomedical Implantable Microstimulators
Conference A Small, Light-Weight, Low-Power, Multichannel Wireless Neural Recording Microsystem
Conference A Static Contention-Free Single-Phase-Clocked 24T Flip-Flop in 45nm for Low-Power Applications
Conference A Sub-200mV 6T SRAM in 130nm CMOS
Conference A Sub-pW Timer Using Gate Leakage for Ultra Low-Power Sub-Hz Monitoring Systems
Conference A Suction-Cup Based Miniature Climber Robot with Smart Feet
Conference A Temperature-Stable Clock Using Multiple Temperature-Compensated Micro-Resonators
Conference A Temperature-Stable Mems Oscillator on an Ovenized Micro-Platform Using a PLL-Based Heater Control System
Conference A Temperature-Stable MEMS Oscillator on an Ovenized Micro-Platform Using A PLL-Based Heater Control System
Conference A Thermally Responsive Polymer Microvalve Without Mechanical Parts, Photo-Patterned in Parylene Channel
Conference A Thin Film Infrared Adsorber using CNT/Nanodiamond Nanocomposite
Conference A Three-Dimensional 64-Site Folded Electrode Array Using Planar Fabrication
Conference A Three-Dimensional Microassembly Structure for Micromachined Planar Microelectrode Arrays
Conference A Three-Dimensional Neural Recording Microsystem with Implantable Data Compression Circuitry
Conference A Transistorless Micromechanical High-Voltage Generator Using a DC-Powered Self-Oscillating Relay
Conference A Tri-State FSK Demodulator for Asynchronous Timing of High-Rate Stimulation Pulses in Wireless Implantable Microstimulators
Conference A Tunable 0.6 GHz-1.7 GHz Bandpass Filter with a Constant Bandwidth Using Switchable Varactor-Tuned Resonators
Conference A Two-Gap Capacitive Structure for High Aspect-Ratio Capacitive Sensor Arrays
Conference A two-gap capacitive structure for high aspect-ratio capacitive sensor arrays
Conference A Two-Level Hybrid Select Logic for Wide-Issue Superscalar Processors
Conference A Vacuum-Isolated Thermal Microflowmeter for In-Vivo Drug Delivery
Conference A Versatile MEMS Gas Chromatograph for Environmental Vapor Mixture Analysis
Conference A Water Spectroscopy Microsystem with Integrated Discharge Source, Dispersion Optics, and Sample Delivery
Conference A Wide-Range Supply-Independent CMOS Voltage Reference for Telemetry-Powering Applications
Conference A Wideband Bi-Semicircular Slot Antenna
Conference A Wideband Multiresonant Single Element Slot Antenna
Conference A Wireless FM Multichannel Microsystem for Biomedical Neural Recording Applications
Conference A Wireless Integrated Microsystem For Environmental Monitoring
Conference A Wireless Microsensor for Monitoring Flow and Pressure in a Blood Vessel Utilizing a Dual-Inductor Antenna Stent and Two Pressure Sensors
Conference A Wireless Microsystem for Multichannel Neural Recording Microprobes
Conference A Wireless-Enabled Sensor System for Distributed Radiation Detection on Android Cellphones
Conference A Wirelessly Powered Log-Based Closed-Loop Deep Brain Stimulation SoC with Two-Way Wireless Telemetry for Treatment of Neurological Disorders
Conference Academic and Professional Resources for Student-Led Technology Ventures
Conference Accurate Current Mirroring in the Presence of Gate Leakage Current
Conference Achieving Continuous Vth Performance in a Dual-Vth Process
Conference Acoustically Generated Jet Arrays for Micro Propulsion Applications
Conference Adaptable Chip-Level Microfluidic Packaging for a Micro-Scale Gas Chromatograph
Conference Adaptive Feedback Control of Time Varying Structures Utilizing Dual-Core Wireless Sensing and Actuation Nodes
Conference Advanced reconfigurable RF/microwave electronics
Conference Air-Isolated Through-Wafer Interconnects for Microsystem Applications
Conference ALGEL¨ as a Dural Sealant: Determination of Effects on the Sensori-motor Cortex in Rats
Conference All Diamond Packaging for Wireless Integrated Micro-Systems Using Ultra-Fast Diamond Growth
Conference All-Digital SoC Thermal Sensor Using On-Chip High Order Temperature Curvature Correction
Conference All-Digital Synthesizable UWB Transmitter Architectures
Conference Amperometric Readout and Electrode Array Chip for Bioelectrochemical Sensors
Conference An 8.7 GHZ Micromechanical Resonator with an Integrated AlGAN/GAN HEMT
Conference An Active Tissue-Contrast Sensing Microsystem for Biopsy Needles: Initial Results
Conference An All Electronic, Fully Microfabricated Micro Gas Chromatograph
Conference An All-Capacitive Sensing Chip for Absolute Pressure, Temperature, and Relative Humidity
Conference An AlN-on-Si resonant IR sensor array with a large temperature coefficient of frequency
Conference An analysis of phase noise requirements for ultra-low-power FSK radios
Conference An Automated Microfluidic Platform for Electrical Stimulation of the Nervous System of C. Elegans
Conference An Automatically Placed-And-Routed ADPLL for the Medradio Band Using PWM to Enhance DCO Resolution
Conference An Autonomous Microsystem for Environmental and Biological Data Gathering
Conference An Electrochemical Interface for Integrated Biosensors
Conference An Electromagnetic Micro Power Generator for Low Frequency Environmental Vibrations
Conference An Electromagnetic Micro Power Generator for Low-Frequency Environmental Vibrations
Conference An Electrostatically Latching Thermopneumatic Microvalve with Closed-Loop Position Sensing
Conference An Embedded On-Body Planar Antenna Using a Low Profile EBG Structure
Conference An Empirical Model for a Piezoelectric Tissue Contrast Sensor Embedded in a Biopsy Tool
Conference An Energy Efficient Parallel Architecture Using Near Threshold Operation
Conference An Energy-Centric Design Approach to Achieve Nanowatt Microsystems
Conference An extended Kalman filter with inequality constraints for real-time detection of

intradialytic hypotension

Conference An Implantable 64nW ECG-Monitoring Mixed-Signal SoC for Arrhythmia Diagnosis
Conference An Implantable Microsystem for Wireless Multi-Channel Cortical Recording
Conference An Improved Performance Poly Si Pirani Vacuum GaugeUsing Heat Distributing Structural Supports
Conference An Improved Poly Si Vacuum Gauge Using Heat Distributing Structural Supports
Conference An In Vivo Blood Microsampling Device for Pharmacokinetic Applications
Conference An In-Plane High-Sensitivity, Low-Noise Micro-G Silicon Accelerometer
Conference An Injection Locked, RF Powered, Telemetry IC in 0.25ìm CMOS
Conference An Integrated Micro-Analytical System for Complex Vapor Mixtures
Conference An Integrated Microsystem for Environmental Sensing Powered by Energy Scavenging
Conference An Integrated Position-Sensing System for a MEMS-Based Cochlear Implant
Conference An Integrated Process for Post-Packaging Release and Vacuum Sealing of Electroplated Nickel Packages
Conference An Integrated RF MEMS Tunable Filter
Conference An Integrated Vapor Source with a Porous Silicon Wick
Conference An Interdisciplinary Laboratory Course in Microsystem Development
Conference An Iterative Learning Controller for High Precision Calibration of an Inertial Measurement Unit Using a Piezoelectric Platform
Conference An N-Path Filter Enhanced Low Phase Noise Ring VCO
Conference An Optimized Steel Micro-Switch with Low Switching Voltage and High Recoil Force
Conference An Optofluidic Chip for Studying Mechanical Deformation of Cells
Conference An RCS Measurement Technique to Extract the Impedance of High-Impedance Aperture and Slot Antennas
Conference An RF Powered, Wireless Temperature Sensor in Quarter Micron CMOS
Conference An Ultra Low Power 1V, 220nW Temperature Sensor for Passive Wireless Applications
Conference An ultra-fast optical shutter exploiting total light absorption in a phase change material
Conference An ultra-high contrast optical modulator with 30 dB isolation at 1.55 µm with 25 THz

Conference An Ultra-Low-Power 9.8GHz Crystal-Less UWB Transceiver with Digital Baseband Integrated in 0.18µm BiCMOS
Conference An Ultra-Low-Power Biomedical Chip for Injectable Pressure Monitor
Conference An X-Ray Detectable Pressure Microsensor for Monitoring Coronary In-Stent Restenosis
Conference Analysis and Design of Multistage Electrostatically-Actuated Micro Vacuum Pumps
Conference Analysis and Measurement of the Stability of Dual-Resonator Oscillators
Conference Analysis and Mitigation of CMOS Gate Leakage
Conference Analysis and Mitigation of Variability in Subthreshold Design
Conference Analysis and Optimization of Enhanced MTCMOS Scheme
Conference Analysis and Optimization of Sleep Modes in Subthreshold Circuit Design
Conference Analysis of Field Potentials During Neuroprosthetic Tasks Using Spikes as the Control Signal
Conference Analysis of the Impact of Gate-Body Signal Phase on DTMOS Inverters in 0.13µm PD-SOI
Conference Analyzing Complex Vapor Mixtures with Micro/Nano-Sensing Systems:Plenty of Challenges Lef
Conference Angular Accelerometer with Dual Anchor Support
Conference Antenna-Like Tactile Sensor for Thin-Film Piezoelectric Microrobots
Conference Applications of gallium nitride in MEMS and acoustic microsystems
Conference Approaches to Run-time and Standby Mode Leakage Reduction in Global Buses
Conference Approaches to Run-Time and Standby Mode Leakage Reduction in Global Buses
Conference Area-Efficient and Low-Power Implementation of Vision Chips Using Multi-Level Mixed-Mode Processing
Conference Assessing the Impacts of STEM Pre-College Enrichment Programs on Double-Minorities
Conference Asymptotic Connectivity of Low Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
Conference Au-Si Eutectic for Wafer Bonding and Wafer-Level Vacuum Packaging
Conference Au-Thiolate Nanoparticles as Interfacial Layers on Microsensor Arrays for Micro Gas Chromatography
Conference Augmenting Real-Time DSP in Implantable High-Density Neuroprosthetic Devices
Conference Automated Analysis of Long-Term Bridge Behavior and Health Using a Cyber-Enabled Wireless Monitoring System
Conference Automated Modal Parameter Extraction and Statistical Analysis of the New Carquinez Bridge Response to Ambient Excitations
Conference Automated Outlier Detection Framework for Identifying Damage States in Multi-Girder Steel Bridges Using Long-Term Wireless Monitoring Data
Conference Backside Resistive Localized Heating for Low Temperature Wafer-level Bonding and Packaging
Conference Baseline Resistance Cancellation Circuit for High Resolution Thiolate-Monolayer-Protected Gold Nanoparticle Vapor Sensor Arrays
Conference Batch Mode Micromanufacturing Based on Micro Electro-Discharge Machining and Micro Ultrasonic Machining for Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS)
Conference Batteryless Sub-nW Cortex-M0+ Processor with Dynamic Leakage-Suppression Logic
Conference Better-Than-Voltage Scaling Energy Reduction in Approximate SRAMs via Bit Dropping and Bit Reuse
Conference Bi-Directional Electrostatic Microspeaker with Two Large-deflection Flexible Membranes Actuated by Single/dual Electrodes
Conference Bi-directional Wireless Microsystems for Biomedical in Vivo Recording Applications
Conference Bias Voltages at Microelectrodes Change Neural Interface Properties In Vivo
Conference Bio-Inspired Multi-Mode Optic Flow Sensors for Micro Air Vehicles
Conference BioBolt: A Minimally-Invasive Neural Interface for Wireless Epidural Recording by Intra-Skin Communication
Conference Biomimetic Hair Sensors: Utilizing the Third Dimension
Conference Biomimetic Interface for Integrated Biosensor Arrays
Conference Biomimetic Interfaces for a Multifunctional Biosensor Array Microsystem
Conference Body Motion for Powering Biomedical Devices
Conference Brain-Machine Interfaces Using Thin-Film Silicon Microelectrode Arrays
Conference Breaking the diffusion-limit of the nano-plasmofluidic biosensing with two regimes of AC

electrohydrodynamic flow
Conference Bridged Micromechanical Filters
Conference Broadband Wireless Sensing of Radioactive Chemicals Utilizing Inherent RF Transmissions from Pulse Discharges
Conference Buckling Strength of Coated and Uncoated Silicon Microelectrodes
Conference Bulk-Metal-Based MEMS Fabricated by Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining
Conference Camera-based triggering of bridge structural health monitoring systems using a cyber-

physical system framework
Conference Carbon Based Micro- and Nano-Technologies; Materials, Devices and Systems
Conference Carbon Nanotube Selective Growth for Micro Gas Chromatograph and Chemical Nano-Sensors
Conference Carbon Nanotube Technology for Micro Gas Chromatograph and Chemical
Conference Cell Pairing Ratio Controlled Micro-Environment with Valve-Less Electrolytic Isolation
Conference Cell Shape Dictates Differential Sensitivity of Subcellular Contractile Forces in Response to Directional Substrate Stretch
Conference Cell-Niche-On-Chip: Paired Single Cell Co-Culture Platforms Using Immiscible Liquid Isolation and Semi-Permeable Membranes
Conference Challenges and Opportunities in Multi-Sensing Microsystems - a Case Study
Conference Characterization and Control of a High-Q MEMS Inertial Sensor Using Low-Cost Hardware
Conference Characterization of a Configurable Sensor Signal Conditioning Circuit for Multi-Sensor Microsystems
Conference Characterization of Parylene Bonding for Vacuum Packaging
Conference Characterization of Parylene-Assisted Wafer Bonding: Long-Term Stability and Influence of Process Chemicals
Conference Characterization of Solid UV Cross-Linked PEGDA for Biological Applications
Conference Characterization of the Electrode-Tissue Interface in Chronic Neural Implants
Conference Charge-Biased Vibrating Micromechanical Resonators
Conference Chemical and Biological Diagnostics Using Fully Insulated, Ultracompliant Thermal Probes
Conference Chemical Sensing Capability of MEMS Implantable Multichannel Neural Microelectrode Arrays
Conference Chemiresistor Array with Nanocluster Interfaces as a Micro-GC Detector
Conference Chip-On-Mud: Ultra-Low Power ARM-Based Oceanic Sensing System Powered by Small-Scale Benthic Microbial Fuel Cells
Conference Chronic Assessment of ALGEL® for Endovascular Embolization of an Arteriovenous Malformation Model in Swine
Conference Chronic Microelectrode Arrays and Integrated Wireless Technology for Advanced Neural Prostheses
Conference Chronic Neural Recording with a 64-Channel Cortical Microsystem
Conference Chronic Tissue Response Evoked by Variably Flexible Intracortical Polymer Implant Systems
Conference Chronic Tissue Response Induced By Flexible Polymer Interconnects at The Electrode-Tissue Interface
Conference Circuit and System Design Guidelines for Ultra-Low Power Sensor Nodes
Conference Circuit Techniques for Gate and Sub-Threshold Leakage Minimization in Future CMOS Technologies
Conference Circuit Techniques for Miniaturized Biomedical Sensors
Conference Circuit Techniques for Miniaturized Biomedical Sensors
Conference Clock Buffer and Wire Sizing Using Sequential Programming
Conference Clock Tree Synthesis with Data-Path Sensitivity Matching
Conference CMOS Monolithic Chemiresistor Array with Microfluidic Channel for Micro Gas Chromatograph
Conference CNT for Micro GC and Chemical Sensors
Conference CNT-Modified Electrode Sites for In Vitro and In Vivo Silicon Probe Studies
Conference Co-Adaptive Kalman Filtering in a Naïve Rat Cortical Control Task
Conference Cochlea-Inspired Sensing Node for Compressive Sensing
Conference Coming Breakthroughs in Health Care
Conference Communication analysis for feedback control of civil infrastructure using cochlea-inspired

sensing nodes
Conference Community Engagement Using Urban Sensing: Technology Development and Deployment Studies
Conference Compact Impedance Spectroscopy for High Density Sensor Arrays
Conference Compact, Modular Assembly and Packaging of Multi-Substrate Microsystems
Conference Comparison of Area-Power Efficient Techniques for Neural Data Compression using Discrete Wavelet Transform
Conference Competitive Analysis of Opportunistic Spectrum Access Strategies
Conference Compiler Managed Dynamic Instruction Placement in a Low-Power Code Cache
Conference Compiler-Managed Partitioned Data Caches for Low Power
Conference Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatography Using a MEMS Thermal Modulator
Conference Compressive Sensing Methods For Reducing Resource Requirements In Wireless Bridge Monitoring Systems: Validation On The Telegraph Road Bridge
Conference Configurable Hardware-Efficient Interface Circuit for Multi-Sensor Microsystems
Conference Conformally Integrated Stent Cell Resonators for Wireless Monitoring of Peripheral Artery Disease
Conference Continuous-Flow Microfluidic Blood Cell Sorting for Unprocessed Whole Blood Using Surface-Micromachined Microfiltration Membranes
Conference Control and Estimation with Threshold Sensing for Inertial Measurement Unit Calibration Using a Piezoelectric Microstage
Conference Control of Contaminants by Solid-State Liquid Chemical Sensors
Conference Controlled-Load Limited Switch Dynamic Logic Circuit
Conference Controlling Code for a Microgas Chromatograph with Low-Power Constraints
Conference Controlling Ultra Wide Band Transmissions from a Wireless Micromachined Geiger Counter
Conference Coping with Process Variations in Ultra-low Power CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits
Conference Crack Detection in Metallic Plate Elements Using a Point-Based Thermal Measurement Strategy
Conference Crack Detection in Metallic Plate Elements using a Point-based Thermal Measurement Strategy
Conference CVD Diamond Thin Film MEMS Packaging Technology
Conference Cyber-enabled Decision Making System for Bridge Management using Wireless Monitoring Systems: Telegraph Road Bridge Demonstration Project
Conference Cyber-Infrastructure Design and Implementation for Structural Health Monitoring
Conference Cyberinfrastructure Middleware and Analytical Tool Sets for Automated Mining of Massive Structural Health Monitoring Data Sets
Conference Cylindrical Halbach Magnet Array for Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesters
Conference D-microGeiger: A Microfabricated Beta-Particle Detector with Dual Cavities for Energy Spectroscopy
Conference Damage detection in metallic plates using d36piezoelectric phased arrays
Conference Data Access Partitioning for Fine-Grain Parallelism on Multicore Architectures
Conference Decoding the Direction of Movements from Interneuron and Projection Cell Populations in the Basal Ganglia
Conference Demo Abstract: M3: A Mm-Scale Wireless Energy Harvesting Sensor Platform
Conference Demonstration of UAV deployment and control of mobile wireless sensing networks for

modal analysis of structures
Conference Design and Fabrication Considerations in Developing High-Q MEMS Capacitors and Inductors
Conference Design and fabrication of high-Q birdbath resonator for MEMS gyroscopes
Conference Design and Optimization of Hybrid Power Systems for Fully Implantable Medical Devices
Conference Design and Performance of a Self-Sensing, Self-Actuating Piezoelectric Monomorph with Interdigitated Electrodes
Conference Design and Validation of Acceleration Measurement Using the Martlet Wireless Sensing System
Conference Design of a Compact Atomic Force Microscope to Enhance Scanning Speed
Conference Design of a Wireless Sensor for Scalable Distributed In-Network Computation in a Structural Health Monitoring System
Conference Design of Efficient Slot Antennas for On-chip Wireless Systems
Conference Design of Hybrid Implantable Power Systems (HIPS): Optimization Based on Fundamentals of Materials and Energetics
Conference Design Optimization of Integer Lifting DWT Circuitry for Implantable Neuroprosthetics
Conference Design Strategies for Ultra-low Voltage Circuits
Conference Design Techniques for High Performance CMOS Flash Analog-To-Digital Converters
Conference Design, Fabrication and Testing of a Miniature Wall Climbing Robot Using Smart Robotic Feet
Conference Design, fabrication, and dynamics of an electromagnetic vertical microactuator for


Conference Design, Implementation, and Verification of a CMOS-Integrated Chemical Sensor System
Conference Detection of Ion Absorption Using Room Temperature Operating Single Electron Transistor
Conference Detonation Nanodiamond in DMSO as Seeding Slurries for CVD Diamond
Conference Development of a GaAs/GaAlAs Prosthetic Retina
Conference Development of a Microscale Implantable Neural Interface (MINI) Probe System
Conference Development of a Passive and Remote Magnetic Micro Sensor with Thin-Film Giant Magnetoimpedance Element and Surface Acoustic Wave Transponder
Conference Development of an Extensible Dual-Core Wireless Sensing Node for Cyber-Physical Systems
Conference Device-Layer Ovenization of Fused Silica Micromechanical Resonators for Temperature-Stable Operation
Conference Diamond RF MEMS
Conference Diamond Thin Film Micro-Package for MEMS Resonator
Conference Diffusion Based Chemical Microgradient Array for Cell Culture
Conference Dimensional Analysis of Dynamic MEMS Micro-Robotic Walking Subject to Orthogonal Actuation and Small-Scale Forces
Conference Direct-Write Self-assembly of 3D Colloidal Microstructures
Conference Directed Precipitation of Suspension Particles Onto Blank Substrates Using Marangoni Cells
Conference Directional Pumping Performance of an Electrostatic Checkerboard Microvalve
Conference Directly Heated Four-Terminal Phase Change Switches
Conference Distance Education for Microsystems Courses and Degrees
Conference Distributed Cyberinfrastructure Tools for Automated Data Processing of Structural Monitoring Data
Conference Distributive Model-Based Sensor Fault Diagnosis in Wireless Sensor Networks
Conference Double-Cantilever Micro-Relay with Integrated Heat Sink for High Power Applications
Conference Drie of Fused Silica
Conference DRIE-SI Gas Chromatography Columns: Efficiency and Thermal Stability of Stationary Phases for Comprehensive Two-Dimensional (GCxGC) Separations
Conference Dual Band Reconfigurable Slot Antennas Using Lumped Elements
Conference Dual Drug Delivery Device for Chronic Pain Management Using Micromachined Elastic Metal Structures and Silicon Microvalves
Conference Dual Resonant Slot Antennas for Wireless Applications
Conference Dual-Slope Capacitance to Digital Converter Integrated in an Implantable Pressure Sensing System
Conference Dye-Fluorescence LEd-SpEC: A Battery-Operated, On-Chip, Wavelength-Tunable Optical Source for Detection of Biochemicals
Conference Dynamic Modeling and Design of a High Frequency Micro Vacuum Pump
Conference Dynamically Pulsed MTCMOS with Bus Encoding for Total Power and Crosstalk Minimization
Conference Dynamics of millimeter-scale hexapod microrobotics with PZT-polymer micro-Actuators
Conference Efect of Tunnel Resistance in the Strong Tunneling Regime on the Conductance of Single Electron Transistors Fabricated Using Focused Ion Beam Etching
Conference Effect of drive-axis displacement on MEMS Birdbath Resonator Gyroscope performance
Conference Effect of Imperfections on Fused Silica Shell Resonators
Conference Effect of Metal Annealing on the Q-Factor of Metal-Coated Fused Silica Micro Shell Resonators
Conference Effect of Scaling on Stand-by Current in PD-SOI Pseudo-nMOS Circuits
Conference Effect of Substrate Thickness on Quality Factor of Mechanical Resonators
Conference Effects of heterostructure stacking on acoustic dissipation in coupled-ring resonators
Conference Efficient Analytical Modeling Techniques for Rapid Integrated Spiral Inductor Prototyping
Conference Efficient Assembly of Multicolor Fiberless Optoelectrodes with On-Board Light Sources for Neural Stimulation and Recording
Conference Efficient Sensor Fault Detection Using Combinatorial Group Testing
Conference Efficient Techniques for Gate Leakage Estimation
Conference Electric Field Effects on the Formation of Isolated Macro Porous Silicon
Conference Electrical Noise in Gold Nanoparticle Chemiresistors
Conference Electrically-Actuated PDMS Microvalves and Pumps for VLSI Microfluidics
Conference Electrochemical Array Microsystem with Integrated Potentiostat
Conference Electrolytic Patterning of Dissolved Oxygen Microgradients During Cell Culture
Conference Electrolytically Generated Oxygen Microgradients for Cell Culture
Conference Electromagnetic Generator Optimization for Non-Resonant Energy Harvester
Conference Electromagnetic Generator Optimization for Non-Resonant Energy Harvester
Conference Electrostatically Driven Micro-Hydraulic Actuator Arrays
Conference Electrostatically Driven Synthetic Microjet Arrays as a Propulsion Method for Micro Flight : Part II: Microfabrication and Initial Characterization
Conference Electrostatically-Actuated Reconfigurable Elastomer Microfluidics
Conference Embedded Linear Classifiers on Wireless Sensor Networks for Damage Detection
Conference Encapsulation of Vacuum Sensors in a Wafer Level Package Using a Gold-Silicon Eutectic
Conference Endovascular Embolization of Aneurysms with ALGEL®: An In Vitro Study of Delivery Techniques and Resulting Gel Stability
Conference Energy Efficiency of Pulse Driven Bent-Beam Electrothermal Actuators
Conference Energy Efficient In-Memory AES Encryption Based on Nonvolatile Domain-Wall Nanowire
Conference Energy Efficient Near-Threshold Chip Multi-Processing
Conference Energy Optimality and Variability in Subthreshold Design
Conference Energy Scavenging at the Microscale
Conference Energy Scavenging from Static Charges
Conference Energy-Efficient Dot Product Computation Using a Switched Analog Circuit Architecture
Conference Energy-Efficient Transmission Scheduling for Wireless Media Streaming with Strict Underflow Constraints
Conference Energy-Optimal Circuit Design
Conference Enhanced Electro-Osmotic Pumping with Liquid Bridge and Field Effect Flow Rectification
Conference Enhancing breakdown voltage in amorphous zinc tin oxide Schottky diode
Conference Enzyme catalyzed optofluidic biolaser for sensitive ion concentration detection
Conference Evaluation of Dynamic-Threshold Logic for Low-Power VLSI Design in 0.13_m PD-SOI
Conference Experimental Model of Adaptive Body Biasing for Energy Efficiency in 28nm UTBB FD-SOI
Conference Exploring DRAM Organizations for Energy-Efficient andResilient Exascale Memories
Conference Exploring RF Transmissions from Discharge-Based Micromachined Radiation Detectors
Conference Extraction of environmental and operational conditions of wind turbines using tower

response data for structural health monitoring
Conference Fabrication and Characterization of All-Diamond Microprobes for Electrochemical Analysis
Conference Fabrication and Integration of Horizontally Aligned Carbon Nanotube C60 Films for UV Sensors
Conference Fabrication and Performance of a Dual-Electrode Electrostatic Peristaltic Gas Micropump
Conference Fabrication and Testing of a Novel All-Diamond Neural Probe for Chemical Detection and Electrical Sensing Applications
Conference Fabrication and Testing of Polycrystalline Diamond Nanoresonators
Conference Fabrication of a Monolithic Microdischarge-Based Pressure Sensor for Harsh Environments
Conference Fabrication of a Piezoelectric Biosensor Based on a PZN-PT/PMN-PT Single Crystal Thin Film
Conference Fabrication of C54-TiSi2 Thin Films by Using Cathodic Arc Deposition and Rapid Thermal Annealing
Conference Fabrication of hemispherical fused silica micro-resonator with tailored stiffness and mass

Conference Fabrication of Multi-Layer Vertically Stacked Fused Silica Microsystems
Conference Fabrication of Polymer Neural Probes with Subcellular Features for Reduced Tissue Encapsulation
Conference Fabrication of Quantum islands for Single Electron Transistors using Focused Ion Beam Technology
Conference Fabrication of Vertical Comb Electrodes Using Selective Anodic Bonding
Conference Facile batch mode process for high capacity rechargeable nickel-zinc microbatteries
Conference Factors for an Effective LSAMP REU
Conference Fiberless Multicolor Optoelectrodes Using Injection Laser Diodes and Gradient-Index Lens Coupled Optical Waveguides
Conference Field Testing of a Rugged MEMS Gas Chromatograph Prototype: Selective Analysis of Trace-Level TCE Vapors in Contaminated Homes
Conference Field-Assisted Bonding of Glass to Si-Au Eutectic Solder for Packaging Applications
Conference Fieldable MEMS Gas Chromatograph for Rapid Determinations of Explosive Marker Compounds in Complex Mixtures
Conference Finite Element Model Updating of a Long-span Suspension Bridge using Measured Vibration Data
Conference Finite Element Model Updating of a Skewed Highway Bridge Using a Multi-Variable Sensitivity-Based Optimization Approach
Conference Flight Control of 10 Gram Insects by Implanted Neural Stimulators
Conference Flight Initiation and Directional Control of Beetles by Microthermal Stimulation
Conference FOCUS: Key Building Blocks and Integration Strategy of a Miniaturized Wireless Sensor Node
Conference Focused Ion Beam Fabrication of Sub-20nm Inter-Electrode Gaps for Room Temperature Operating Single Electron Transistor
Conference Food From Thought: Real-time Detection of Coincidently Firing Neurons for Cortical Control
Conference Formation Technique for Macroporous Morphology Superlattice
Conference Free-Standing Carbon Nanotube Composite Sensing Skin for Distributed Strain Sensing in Structures
Conference Frequency Tolerance of RF Micromechanical Disk Resonators in Polysilicon and Nanocrystalline Diamond Structural Materials
Conference Frequency-tunable current-assisted AlGaN/GaN acoustic resonators
Conference From Antenna Stents to Wireless Geiger Counters: The Promise of Electrical Micro-Discharges in the Fabrication and Operation of Microsensors
Conference Fully Integrated Impedance Spectroscopy Systems for Biochemical Sensor Array
Conference Fully integrated patterned carbon nanotube strain sensors on flexible sensing skin

substrates for structural health monitoring
Conference Fully-Integrated CMOS Power Regulator for Telemetry-Powered Implantable Biomedical Microsystems
Conference Fully-Integrated Mixed-Signal Neural Processor for Implantable Multi-Channel Cortical Recording
Conference Functionally Integrated MEMS Micro Gas Chromatograph Subsystem
Conference Fused Silica Micro Birdbath Shell Resonators with 1.2 Million Q and 43 Second Decay Time Constant
Conference GaAs/GaAlAs Prosthetic Retina
Conference Gallium nitride electro-acoustic devices and acoustic metamaterials
Conference Gallium Nitride Micromechanical Resonators for IR Detection
Conference Gallium Nitride-on-Silicon Micromechanical Overtone Resonators and Filters
Conference Gas Flow in Nano-Channels: Thermal Transpiration Models with Application to a Si-Micromachined Knudsen Pump
Conference Generic Controller Dedicated to Telemetry-Controlled Microsystems
Conference Global Signaling Over Lossy Transmission Lines
Conference Gold-Indium Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) Wafer Bonding for MEMS Vacuum Packaging
Conference GPA-Assisted Wireless Data Collection Techniques for Vehicle Bridge Interaction Studies
Conference Granular Adsorbent Loading and Wafer Bonding for Si Microcavity Preconcentrators
Conference Guided wave analysis of osseointegration at bone-prosthesis interfaces
Conference Hair-Based Sensors for Micro-Autonomous Systems
Conference Hands-On Micro and Nano Learning Modules Using Programmable Lego Robotic Van de Graaf Generators and Their Commercialization
Conference Harvesting Traffic-Induced Bridge Vibrations
Conference Heat Transfer Computed Tomography Techniques for Damage Detection in Metallic Structures
Conference Heat Transfer-based Computed Tomographic Mapping of Crack Damage in Metallic Structures
Conference HEMT-Based Read-Out of a Thickness-Mode AlGaN/GaN Resonator
Conference HEMT-Based readout of a thickness-mode AlGaN/GaN resonator
Conference Hermetic Packaging of Resonators with Vertical Feedthroughs Using a Glass-in-Silicon Reflow Process
Conference Heterogeneous Dopamine Efflux and Local Field Potential Activity in Dorsal Striatum
Conference Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks for Computational Partitioning of Markov Parameter-Based System Identification
Conference Hi-Rise: A High-Radix Switch for 3D Integration with Single-Cycle Arbitration
Conference High Aspect Ratio Deep Silicon Etching
Conference High Aspect-Ratio Low-Noise Multi-Axis Accelerometers Made from Thick Silicon
Conference High Efficiency Single Cell Capture Chip Utilizing Herringbone Vortices for Small Sample Analysis
Conference High Performance Bulk Mode Gallium Nitride Resonators and Filters
Conference High Performance Polycrystalline Diamond Micro Resonators
Conference High Resolution Micro Ultrasonic Machining (HR-µUSM) for Post-Fabrication Trimming of Fused Silica 3-D Microstructures
Conference High Sensitivity Three-stage Microfabricated Preconcentrator-focuser for Micro-gas Chromatography
Conference High Sensitivity, High Density Micro-Hydraulic Force Sensor Array Utilizing Stereo-Lithography Fabrication Technique
Conference High Speed Microfluidic Doublet Flow in Open Pools Driven by Non-Contact Micromachined Thermal Sources
Conference High-density wide-range digital accelerometer arrays with high detection resolution
Conference High-frequency Large-deflection Electrostatic Diaphragm Actuators with Maximized Volume Displacement
Conference High-Level Optimization for Low Power Consumption on Microprocessor-Based Systems
Conference High-Q Fused Silica Birdbath and Hemispherical 3-D Resonators Made by Blow Torch Molding
Conference High-Q, 3kHz Single-Crystal-Silicon Cylindrical Rate-Integrating Gyro (CING)
Conference High-Speed Air Microjet Arrays Produced Using Acoustic Streaming for Micro Propulsion
Conference High-Speed Electrostatic Micro-Hydraulics for Sensing and Actuation
Conference High-Speed Heterogeneous Data Acquisition using Martlet – A Next-Generation Wireless Sensing Node
Conference High-Speed MEMS-Based Gas Chromatography
Conference High-throughput biomimetic 3D gel-island chip for investigating cancer cell heterogeneity
Conference High-Throughput of Photodynamic Therapy (PDT) Screening from Multiple Parameter Assays of 1,000 Different Conditions in a Single Chip
Conference High-Yield Buried Microchannel Formation for Drug Delivery at the Cellular Level
Conference Higher-Mode Free-Free Beam Micromechanical Resonators
Conference Highly Efficient Single Cell Capturing in Microwell Array Using Hydrodynamic Guiding Structures
Conference Highly-Reliable Electrostatic Actuator Using Filleted Electrode Made with Photoresist Solvent Reflow
Conference Hygroscopic Biomimetic Transducers Made from CNT-Hydrogel Composites
Conference IC Design Strategies at Ultra-low Voltages
Conference Identification of Bone Fracture in Osseointegrated Prostheses Using Raleigh Wave Methods
Conference Impact of Source Code Optimizations on Power Consumption of Embedded Systems
Conference Implantable Neural Interfaces for Characterizing Population Responses to Odorants and Electrical Stimuli in the Nurse Shark, Ginglymostoma cirratum
Conference Implantable Neural Probe Systems for Cortical Neuroprostheses
Conference Implantable Neural Probes for Chronic Electrical Recording and Optical Stimulation
Conference Implantable Probe Systems for Cortical Neuroprostheses
Conference Implantable Probe Systems for Cortical Neuroprotheses
Conference Implementation of a Compressive Sampling Scheme for Wireless Sensors to Achieve Energy Efficiency in a Structural Health Monitoring System
Conference Implementation of Damage Detection Algorithms for the Alfred Zampa Memorial Suspension Bridge
Conference Implementation of UAV Localization Methods for a Mobile Post-Earthquake Monitoring System
Conference Improved Engineering Education Through Undergraduate Projects and Research
Conference Improvement of the damage detection performance of a SHM framework by using

AdaBoost: Validation on an operating wind turbine
Conference In situ acoustomagnetic interrogation of a glaucoma valve with integrated wireless

Conference In Situ Monitoring of Cauterization with a Biopsy Needle Using Impedance Characteristics of Embedded Piezothermal Elements
Conference In Vitro and In Vivo Neural Recordings Using Diamond Neural Probes
Conference In Vitro and In Vivo Testing of a Wireless Multichannel Stimulating Telemetry Microsystem
Conference In Vitro Development and Characterization of a Cortical Neural Stem Cell-Seeded Alginate Scaffold
Conference In-Vivo Evaluation of Chronically Implanted Neural Microelectrode Arrays Modified with Poly (3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Nanotubes
Conference Increasing Design Space of the Instruction Queue with Tag Coding
Conference Increasing the Number of Effective Registers in a Low-Power Processor Using a Windowed Register File
Conference Incremental Sigma-Delta Capacitance-To-Digital Converter with Zoom-in 9b Asynchronous SAR
Conference Indoor Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting for Mm-Scale Systems
Conference Influence of Automatic Level Control on Micromechanical Resonator Oscillator Phase Noise
Conference Information Capacity of Brain Machine Interfaces
Conference Innovative Engineering Education Using Programmable Lego Robotic VD Graaf Generators
Conference Innovative Microsystems Education Using Cluster Van de Graaff Generators
Conference Innovative Nanotechnology Learning Modules Using Programmable Lego Robotic VD Graaf Generators
Conference Integrated Electrochemical Neurosensors
Conference Integrated high-pressure 4-stage micropump for high-speed micro gas chromatography
Conference Integrated Micromechanical Circuits for RF Front Ends
Conference Integrated Micromechanical Circuits Fueled by Vibrating RF MEMS Technology
Conference Integrated Microtransducers and Microelectronics for Environmental Monitoring
Conference Integrated Peristaltic 18-Stage Electrostatic Gas Micro Pump with Active Microvalves
Conference Integrated Sensors, MEMS, and Microsystems:Revolution in the Gathering of Information
Conference Integration of the Bionanomaterial Bacteriorhodopsin and Single Electron Transistors
Conference Introduction
Conference Investigating Photodynamic Efficiency of Tumor Targeted Nanoparticular Photosensitizer Using Microfluidic Chips
Conference Investigation into the use of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy for cellular functional immunophenotyping
Conference Investigation of Thermoelastic Loss Mechanism in Shell Resonators
Conference Investigation of Thermoelastic Loss Mechanism in Shell Resonators
Conference Iodine-Treated Starch as Easy-To-Use, Biodegradable Material with Controllable Swelling and Stiffening Properties
Conference IoT Design Space Challenges: Circuits and Systems
Conference Iridium Oxide Reference Electrodes for Neurochemical Sensing with MEMS Microelectrode Arrays
Conference ISE Arrays with Improved Dynamic Response and Lifetime
Conference Lamb wave dispersion in gallium nitride micromechanical resonators
Conference Laminar Analysis of Movement Direction Information in Local Field Potentials of the Rat Motor Cortex
Conference Large Deflection Stacked Multi-Electrode Electrostatic Actuator
Conference Large-Deflection Out-of-Plane Electrostatic Buckled-Electrode Actuators
Conference Latchup Triggering Mechanisms
Conference Layout Guidelines to Minimize Latchup in CMOS Circuits using Guard Rings
Conference LC<sup>2</sup>: Limited Contention Level Converter for Robust Wide-Range Voltage Conversion
Conference LEEDUS: A Micromachining Process for Die-Scale Pattern Transfer in Ceramics with High Resolution and Throughput
Conference Leveraging Structural Health Monitoring for Bridge Condition Assessment
Conference Lifecycle Support for Naval Ships Based onStructural Health Monitoring: Data to Decisions Strategies
Conference Linear Electrode Depth Estimation in Rat Motor Cortex by Laminar Analysis of Ketamine-Xylazine-Induced Oscillations
Conference Local Drug Delivery System for Dynamic Control of Neural Environment using Parylene-Based Microelectrodes
Conference Localized Back-Side Heating for Low-Temperature Wafer-Level Bonding
Conference Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) Optofluidic Biosensor for Label-Free Cellular Immunophenotyping
Conference Location-Dependent Frequency Tuning of Vibrating Micromechanical Resonators via Laser Trimming
Conference Long Term In Vitro Monitoring of Polyimide Microprobe Electrical Properties
Conference Long-Term Modal Analysis of the New Carquinez Long-Span Suspension Bridge
Conference Long-term Neuromodulation of the Ventromedial Hypothalamus Effects Weight Gain in the Rat
Conference Long-Term Reliability, Burn-In and Analysis of Outgassing In Au-Si Eutectic Wafer-Level Vacuum Packages
Conference Long-Term Wireless Monitoring Systems for the Monitoring of Long-Span Bridges
Conference Low Cost MEMS Processing Techniques
Conference Low Phase Noise Array-composite Micromechanical Wine-glass Disk Osciallator
Conference Low Power Battery Supervisory Circuit with Adaptive Battery Health Monitor
Conference Low Power Wireless Sensor Networks for Infrastructure Monitoring
Conference Low-Latency, HDL-Synthesizable Dynamic Clock Frequency Controller with Self-Referenced Hybrid Clocking
Conference Low-Noise AlN-on-Si Resonant Infrared Detectors Using a Commercial Foundry MEMS Fabrication Process
Conference Low-Noise ALN-ON-SI Resonant Infrared Detectors Using a Commercial Foundry MEMS Fabrication Process
Conference Low-Power Area-Efficient Analog Front-End for Neural Interfaces
Conference Low-Power Circuit Challenges in Cellular/Molecular Interfaces
Conference Low-power Electrostatic Helmholtz-Resonance Microjet Generator for Propulsion and Cooling
Conference Low-Power Electrostatic Microthruster for Propulsion Based on Helmholtz-Resonance
Conference Low-Power Ovenization of Fused Silica Resonators for Temperature-Stable Oscillators
Conference Low-power Thermal Isolation for Environmentally Resistant Microinstruments
Conference Low-Temperature MEMS Process Using Plasma Activated Silicon-On-Silicon (SOS) Bonding
Conference Low-Temperature Silicon Films Deposition by Pulsed Cathodic Arc Process for Microsystem Technologies
Conference Low-Voltage Circuit Design for Widespread Sensing Applications
Conference Macro Porous Silicon as Pump Media for Electro-Osmotic Pumps
Conference Magnetoelastic Wireless Sensing of Tissue Growth for Self-Expanding Biliary Stents
Conference Marangoni-Driven Micromotor in Liquid Medium
Conference Maskless Electrochemical Patterning of Gold Films for Bio Sensors Using Micromachined Polyimide Probes
Conference Maskless Electrochemical Patterning of Gold Films for Biosensors Using Micromachined Polyimide Probes
Conference Maskless Lithography By Patterned Heating of Photoresist Using Ultra-Compliant Thermal Probe Arrays
Conference Mass Production of Room Temperature Single Electron Transistors Using Step and Flash Imprint Lithography and Lift-Off Technique
Conference Materials and Processing Challenges Related to the Fabrication of a MEMS Micro Gas Chromatograph
Conference MBus: A 17.5 pj/bit/chip Portable Interconnect Bus for Millimeter-Scale Sensor Systems with 8 nW Standby Power
Conference MBus: A 17.5 pJ/Bit/Chip Portable Interconnect Bus for Millimeter-Scale Sensor Systems with 8 nW Standby Power
Conference MBus: An Ultra-Low Power Interconnect Bus for Next Generation Nanopower Systems
Conference Measured Performance of a Micro Thermoelectric Cooler
Conference Measurements of the Material Properties of a Laminate Piezoelectric Stack at Cryogenic Temperatures
Conference Mechanical and Thermal Design Of A Combustion-Based Thermionic Micro Power Generator
Conference Mechanical Energy Scavenging from Flying Insects
Conference Mechanically Corner-coupled Square Microresonator Array for Reduced Series Motional Resistance
Conference Mechanically-Coupled Micromechanical Resonator Arrays for Improved Phase Noise
Conference Membrane Protein Biosensor with Multi-Channel CMOS Impedance Extractor and Digitizer
Conference MEMS and Microsystems Courses with National and International Dissemination
Conference MEMS for Frequency Control and Timing
Conference MEMS Packaging with Built-in Energy Scavenging Devices
Conference MEMS Rate and Rate-Integrating Gyroscope Control with Commercial Software Defined Radio Hardware
Conference MEMS Technologies and Devices for Single-Chip RF Front-Ends
Conference MEMS tunable bandstop and bandpass filters,'USNC-URSI National Radio Science Meeting
Conference MEMS-Based Sensors for Automotive Applications
Conference Meso-Scale VOC-Mixture Analyzer with Tunable Separation and Microsensor Array Detection
Conference Metal Foil RF Micro-Relay with Integrated Heat Sink for High Power Applications
Conference Methodology for Instruction Level Power Estimation in Pipelined Microsystems
Conference Micro and Nano Technologies in K-12
Conference Micro Arc-Plasma Hybrids for Detection of Vapors at Atmospheric Pressure
Conference Micro Combustion-Thermionic Power Generation: Feasibility, Design and Initial Results
Conference Micro Energy Scavengers
Conference Micro Thermoelectric Cooler Fabrication: Growth and Characterization of Patterned Sb2Te3 and Bi2Te3 Films
Conference Micro- and Nano- Technologies in K through PhD Education and Research
Conference Micro-Hydraulic Structure for High Performance Bio-Mimetic Air Flow Sensor Arrays
Conference Micro-Optofluidic Ring Resonator Structures for Selective Detection of Organic Vapors
Conference Micro-Robotic Actuation Units Based on Thin-Film Piezoelectric and High-Aspect Ratio Polymer Structures
Conference Micro-Stimulation of Single Units and Small Cell Groups in the Intact Brain Using Silicon Probes
Conference Microassembly Techniques for a Three-Dimensional Neural Stimulating Microelectrode Array
Conference Microdischarge-Based Pressure Sensors for Operation at 1000 C
Conference Microfabricated Gas Chromatographs with Microsensor Array Detectors for Sub-ppb Determinations of Complex Vapor Mixture Components
Conference Microfabricated Gate-Modulated Electrochemical Ion Spectroscopy Sensor
Conference Microfabricated Instrument Tag for the Radiographic Detection of Retained Foreign Bodies During Surgery
Conference Microfabricated Integrated Sampler-Injector (MISI) for Micro Gas Chromatography
Conference Microfabricated Magnetoelastic Sensors and Actuators: Opportunities and Challenges
Conference Microfabricated Preconcentrator for Quantitative Analysis of Low Concentration Volatile Organic Compounds
Conference Microfluidic Array Chip for Single-Cell Isolation Using Two-Way Pneumatic Actuation
Conference Microfluidic Assay to Compare Secretion vs Contact Based Cell-Cell Interactions Using Dynamic Isolation Control
Conference Microfluidic Immunophenotyping Assay Platform for Immunomonitoring of Subpopulations of Immune Cells
Conference Microfluidic Immunophenotyping Assay Platform for Immunomonitoring of Subpopulations of Immune Cells
Conference Microfluidic Optomechanical Oscillators
Conference Microfluidic Tools to Model and Analyze the Body
Conference Microfluidics Devices for the Assembly and Culture of Three-Dimensional Multi-Cellular Constructs with Diffusion-Limited Microenvironments
Conference MicroGeiger: A Microfabricated Gas-Based Beta Particle Detector
Conference Micromachined Accelerometers for Inertial Navigation Applications
Conference Micromachined Gas Chromatography Microsystem for Complex Gas Analysis
Conference Micromachined Heat Exchanger for a Cryosurgical Probe
Conference Micromachined High-Q Fused Silica Bell Resonator with Complex Profile Curvature Realized Using 3D Micro Blowtorch Molding
Conference Micromachined Intraluminal Devices for Active and Passive Electromagnetic Measurements of Flow
Conference Micromachined Silicon Accelerometers and Gyroscopes
Conference Micromechanical 'Hollow-Disk' Ring Resonators
Conference Microsystem and SoC Design with UMIPS
Conference Microsystem Controller for Sensor Network Control and Data Correction
Conference Microsystems for Energy Harvesting
Conference Microsystems, RFID Technology and Supply Chain Management; Research and Education
Conference Microthermal Techniques for Mixing, Concentration, and Harvesting of DNA and Other Microdroplet Suspensions
Conference MICS Transceivers: Regulatory Standards and Applications
Conference MICS Transeivers: Regulatory Standards and Applications
Conference Miicrofluidic-Based Oil-Immersion Lenses for High Resolution Microscopy
Conference Miniature Penning Cell Array for On-Chip Vacuum Pumping
Conference Miniature Wireless Resonant Rotary Motor Actuated by Lithograhically Micromachined Magnetoelastic Foil
Conference Miniaturized Cavity-Backed Slot Antenna
Conference Miniaturized digital oven-control microsystem with high power efficiency and ±1.8ppm

frequency drift
Conference Miniaturized Magnetoelastic Tags Using Frame-Suspended Hexagonal Resonators
Conference Miniaturized Multi-Element Monopole Antenna
Conference Miniaturized Slot Antennas with Enhanced Bandwidth
Conference Miniaturized Slot-Line and Folded-Slot Band-Pass Filters
Conference Miniaturized Thermoelectric Cooler
Conference Miniaturized UWB Bandpass Filters Integrated with Notch Filters Using a Silicon-Based Integrated Passive Device Technology
Conference Mixed-Domain Simulation of Step-Functional Voltammetry with an Insoluble Species for Optimization of Chemical Microsystems
Conference Mixed-Signal Stochastic Computation Demonstrated in an Image Sensor with Integrated 2D Edge Detection and Noise Filtering
Conference Mixed-Signal Stochastic Computation Demonstrated in an Image Sensor with Integrated 2D Edge Detection and Noise Filtering
Conference Moball Network: A Self-Powered Intelligent Network of Controllable Spherical Mobile Sensors to Explore Solar Planets and Moons
Conference Moball: An Intelligent Wind-Opportunistic Mobile Sensor to Monitor the Polar Regions
Conference Model-Predictive Control Techniques for Hydronic Systems Implemented on Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks
Conference Modeling and Characterization of the Transient Performance of a Gas Detector Based on Fringe-Field Capacitance
Conference Modeling and Control of Optical Fiber Micropositioning in a Thermal Adhesive
Conference Modeling and Simulation of a Parametrically-Excited Micro-Mirror with Duty-Cycled Square-Wave Excitation
Conference Modeling and Simulation of a Surface Micromachined Knudsen Pump
Conference Modeling Microstrip Feeds Using the Finite Element-boundary Integral Method
Conference Modeling, Design, and Fabrication of a High Frequency Micro Vacuum Pump
Conference Modeling, Testing and Control of a Parametrically-Excited Mirror with Duty-Cycled Excitation
Conference Modular Assembly/Packaging of Multi-Substrate Microsystems (WIMS CUBE) Using Thermo-Magnetically Actuated Cables
Conference Modular Stacked Variable-Compression Ratio Multi-Stage Gas Micropump
Conference Modulation of Coulomb Blockade Behavior of Room Temperature Operational Single Electron Transistors by Tunnel Junction
Conference Monolithic Fiber-Grating and MEMS Based Devices for Controllable Ultrafast Pulse Shaping
Conference Monolithic Implementation of AlN-on-Silicon Bandpass Filters with a High-Q Notch Within the Passband
Conference Monolithic Integration of GaN-Based Micromechanical Resonators and HEMTs for Timing Applications
Conference Monolithic Liquid Chemical Sensing Systems
Conference Monolithic Silicon Optical Microchips for Broad-Band Mach-Zehnder Interferometry and Highly Sensitive Label Free Immunosensing
Conference Movement Prediction Using Coherency Between Local Field Potentials and Spikes in the Motor Cortex of Rats
Conference Multi-Axis Inertial Energy Harvester Based on Piezoelectric Crab-Legs with Partitioned

Conference Multi-Layer PZT Stacking Process for Piezoelectric Bimorph Energy Harvesters
Conference Multi-Resonator Approach to Eliminating the Temperature Dependence of Silicon-Based Timing References
Conference Multi-Scale Technologies for the Integration of Room Temperature Quantum Electronics
Conference Multi-Site Undergraduate Research Challenges to Benefits
Conference Multi-Spectral Fluorescence Microscopy with Embedded Liquid Filters for Point-Of-Care Applications
Conference Multi-Spectral Tunable Excitation Fluorescence Microscopy with a Nanoimprinted PDMS-on-Silicon Grating Optical Filter
Conference Multi-Variable Micro Opto-Fluidic Ring Resonator Sensing with Plasmonic Nanoparticle Films
Conference Multifunctional Flexible Parylene-Based Intracortical Microelectrodes
Conference Nano-Particle Separation Using Marangoni Flow in Evaporating Droplets
Conference Nano-Scale Abrasion Studies of Materials Used in MEMS Devices and Packages
Conference Nanoparticle Coated Chemiresistor with CMOS Baseline Tracking and Cancellation
Conference Nanopore-Based All-Solid-State Ion-Selective Microelectrodes
Conference Nanotechnology Learning Modules Using Technology Assisted Science, Engineering and Mathematics
Conference Network Coverage Using Low Duty-Cycled Sensors: Random &amp; Coordinated Sleep Algorithms
Conference Network Modeling to Demonstrate Efficacy of Improved Water Quality Monitoring
Conference Neural Biosensor Probes for Simultaneous In Vivo Detection of Choline and Electrophysiological Activity in Rat Cortex
Conference Neural Interface Dynamics Following Insertion of Hydrous Iridium
Conference Neural Interface Dynamics Following Insertion of Hydrous Iridium Oxide Microelectrode Arrays
Conference Neural Probes for Concurrent Detection of Neurochemical and Electrophysiological Signals In Vivo
Conference Neural Probes Integrated with Optical Mixer/Splitter Waveguides and Multiple Stimulation Sites
Conference Neural Processing with DWT in Micro Intracortical Neural Inteface,
Conference Neural Recording Front-End Designs for Fully Implantable Neuroscience Applications and Neural Prosthetic Microsystems
Conference Neuromodulation of the Ventromedial Hypothalamus of the Rat Through Deep Brain Stimulation
Conference Neuromodulation of the Ventromedial Hypothalamus of the Rat Through Deep Brain Stimulation Effects Animal Weight
Conference New Class of Chronic Recording Multichannel Neural Probes with Post-Implant Self-Deployed Satellite Recording Sites
Conference New Digital Circuit Techniques for Total Standby Leakage Reduction in Nano-Scale SOI Technology
Conference New Optimal Design Strategies and Analysis of Ultra-Low Leakage Circuits for Nano-Scale SOI Technology
Conference New Techniques for Efficient Flexible Wireless Transceivers in Nanometer CMOS
Conference Newton: A Library-Based Analytical Synthesis Tool for RF-MEMS Resonators
Conference Nickel Vibrating Micromechanical Disk Resonator with Solid Dielectric Capacitive-Transducer Gap
Conference Nickel-Tin Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) Wafer Bonding for MEMS Vacuum Packaging
Conference Noise Analysis and Characterization of A Sigma-Delta Capacitive Silicon Microaccelerometer
Conference Noise Considerations and Detailed Comparison of Low Standby Gate/Sub-Threshold Leakage Digital Circuits in Nano-Scale SOI Technology
Conference Non-Linear Characteristics of Passive Elements on Trap-Rich High-Resistivity Si Substrates
Conference Novel Biomedical Implant Interconnects Utilizing Micromachined LCP
Conference Novel Integrated Shock Protection for MEMS
Conference Novel Mismatch Compensation Methods for Rate-Integrating Gyroscopes
Conference Novel Uncooled Detector Based on Gallium Nitride Micromechanical Resonators
Conference Numerical and experimental simulation of linear shear piezoelectric phased arrays for

structural health monitoring
Conference Numerical Prediction of Stress Evolution During Blowtorch Reflow of Fused Silica Micro-Shell Resonators
Conference Numerical study of impact of surface roughness on thermoelastic loss of micro-resonators
Conference Observation of Coulomb Blockade at Room Temperature Using an Array of Tungsten Nano Islands
Conference On the Many-to-one Transport Capacity of a Dense Wireless Sensor Network and the Compressibility of its Data
Conference On the Temporal Evolution of Micro-Discharge Spectra and Detection of Organic Vapors in Air
Conference On-chip characterization of scale-factor of a MEMS gyroscope via a micro calibration platform
Conference On-Chip Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Biosensor Arrays
Conference On-Chip Optofluidic Ring Resonator Sensor for Micro-Scale Gas Chromatorgraphy
Conference On-Chip Process Variation Detection Using Slew-Rate Monitoring Circuit
Conference On-Chip Process Variation Detection Using Slew-Rate Monitoring Circuit
Conference Opportunities in Nanomorphic Systems: Microsystems Based on Nanotechnology and Beyond
Conference Optimal Channel Probing and Transmission Scheduling for Opportunistic Spectrum Access
Conference Optimal Stochastic Routing Strategies in Low Duty-Cycled Wireless Sensor Networks
Conference Optimal Technology Selection for Minimizing Energy and Variability in Low Voltage Applications
Conference Optimality of Myopic Sensing in Multi-Channel Opportunistic Access
Conference Optimization Objectives and Models of Variation for Statistical Gate Sizing
Conference Optimization of Focus Ion Beam Patterning and Reactive Ion Etching Process of Quartz Template for Ultra Violet Nano Imprint Lithography
Conference Optimization of Inductively Heated Thin Ferromagnetic Films Toward the Localized Annealing of Polysilicon Microstructures
Conference Optimization of Tether Geometry to Achieve Low Anchor Loss in Lamé-Mode Resonators
Conference Optimum Power Factor of Films in the Bi-Te System
Conference Osmotic Actuation for Microfluidic Components in Point-Of-Care Applications
Conference Packaging of Implantable Microsystems
Conference Parametric Yield Analysis and Constrained-Based Supply Voltage Optimization
Conference Partial Clustering: Maintaining Connectivity in a Low Duty-Cycled Dense Wireless Sensor Network
Conference Parylene Microprobes with Engineered Stiffness and Shape for Improved Insertion
Conference Passive Calibration-Vapor Source for a Micro Gas Chromatograph
Conference Patterned Carbon Nanotube Sensing Skins for Strain Sensing
Conference Patterned Carbon Nanotube Sensing Skins for Strain Sensing
Conference Patterning of Gold and Polystyrene Nanoparticles into Mesostructures Using a Laser-based Particle Deposition
Conference PECVD-Oxynitride Gas Chromatographic Columns
Conference Performance and Variability Optimization Strategies in a Sub-200mV, 3.5pJ/Inst, 11nW Subthreshold Processor
Conference Performance Impact of Gate-Body Signal Phase on DTMOS Inverters
Conference Performance Measurements and Non-Linearity Modeling of GeTe Phase Change RF Switches with Direct and Indirect Heating Schemes
Conference Phase Noise Amplitude Dependence in Self-Limiting Wine-Glass Disk Oscillators
Conference Photochemically Patterned Biliary Stents with Integrated Permanent Magnets and Deformable Assembly Features for Wireless Magnetoelastic Tissue Growth Sensing
Conference Photoresist Metrology and Microcalorimetry Using an Ultracompliant Micromachined Scanning Thermal Probe
Conference Piezoelectrically Transduced High-Q Silica Micro Resonators
Conference Pipeline Strategy for Improving Optimal Energy Efficiency in Ultra-Low Voltage Design
Conference Polycrystalline Diamond MEMS Resonator Technology
Conference Polycrystalline Diamond RF MEMS Resonators with the Highest Quality Factors
Conference Polycrystalline Diamond Technology for RF MEMS Resonators
Conference Polycrystalline Diamond Thin Film Packaging Technology for Wireless Integrated Microsystems
Conference PolyHEMA Soft Lithograpy for Selective Cell Seeding, Migration Blocking, and High-Throughput Suspension Cell Culture
Conference Portable Hardware for Real-Time Channel Estimation on Wireless Body Area Networks
Conference Portable multi-dimensional gas chromatography device for rapid field analysis of

chemical compounds
Conference Position Estimation for a Capacitively-Sensed Magnetoelastic Rotary Microstage Using an Extended Kalman Smoother
Conference Post-CMOS Compatible Microfabrication of a Multi-Analyte Bioelectrochemical Sensor Array Microsystem
Conference Post-Fabrication Laser Trimming of Micromechanical Filters
Conference Power Gating with Multiple Sleep Modes
Conference Power-Aware Global Signaling Strategies
Conference Power-performance Tradeoffs in Nanometer-scale Multi-level Caches Considering Total Leakage
Conference Precise RSSI with High Process Variation Tolerance
Conference Precision Readout Circuits for Capacitive Microaccelerometers
Conference Preparation of the Millenial Student for the American Workforce
Conference Process-Induced Skew Reduction in Nominal Zero-Skew Clock Trees
Conference Programmable Transformation of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes Into 3D Microstructures
Conference Progress Towards a Micromachined Heat Exchanger for a Cryosurgical Probe
Conference Proof-Of-Concept Shear Wave Velocity Measurements Using an Unmanned Autonomous Aerial Vehicle
Conference Pulse Amplification Based Dynamic Synchronizers with Metastability Measurement Using Capacitance De-Rating
Conference Pulse and DC Electropolishing of Stainless Steel for Stents and Other Devices
Conference PWM Buck Converter with &gt;80% PCE in 45µA-To-4mA Loads Using Analog-Digital Hybrid Control for Impiantale Biomedical Systems
Conference Quality-Of-Service for a High-Radix Switch
Conference Racetrack Converter: A Low Power and Compact Data Converter Using Racetrack Spintronic Devices
Conference Razor-Lite: A Side-Channel Error-Detection Register for Timing-Margin Recovery in 45nm SOI CMOS
Conference Real-Time Detection of Intradialytic Hypotension Using a Novel Polyvinylidene Fluoride Based Sensor
Conference Real-Time Estimation of the Structural Response Using Limited Measured Data
Conference Real-Time Time-Frequency Spectrogram Construction Based on Mimicry of Human Auditory Systems
Conference Real-Time Wireless Monitoring of Workpiece Material and Debris Characteristics in Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining
Conference Realization of Nano-Wires in Quartz Using Focused Ion Beam and ICP/RIE Etching Process for Single Electron Transistor Fabrication
Conference Reconfigurable Antenna for Active RFID
Conference Reconfigurable Self-Timed Regenerators for Wide-Range Voltage Scaled Interconnect
Conference Redundant Kalman Estimation for a Distributed Wireless Structure Control System
Conference Reliability and Characterization of Micro-Packages in a Wafer Level Au-Si Eutectic Vacuum Bonding Process
Conference Resonance Effects of Electrostatically Actuated Acoustic Jets
Conference Resonant Clocking Using Distributed Parasitic Capacitance
Conference RF MEMS in Wireless Architectures
Conference RF Switches Using Phase Change Materials
Conference Richard Sacks and the Path to a Micro-GC
Conference Robotics at the Interface of Microsystems Technology and Biology: Biobotics
Conference Robust Ultra-Low Voltage ROM Design
Conference Room Temperature Deposition of Silicon by Arrayed DC Microplasmas
Conference Room Temperature Quantum Electronics by Focused Ion Beam Processing
Conference Scalable Biomimetic Self-Assembling Actuators Powered by Surface Tension
Conference Scalable multiplexed drug-combination screening platforms using 3D microtumor model

for precision medicine
Conference Scaling Towards Kilo-Core Processors with Asymmetric High-Radix Topologies
Conference Scribe-And-Break for Post Release MEMS Die Separation
Conference Self-aligned 1.14-GHz Vibrating Radial-mode Disk Resonators
Conference Self-Assembly of a BioMEMS Syllabus: Teaching BioMEMS Through the Developing Organism
Conference Self-Complementarity and Miniaturization in Antenna Design
Conference Self-Switching Vibrating Micromechanical Filter Bank
Conference Sensing Strategies to Reduce Power Consumption of Recursive-Leastsquares Parameter Identification of Autonomous Microsystems
Conference Sensitive Uncooled IR Detectors Using Gallium Nitride Resonators and Silicon Nitride Absorbers
Conference Sensor Data Retrieval Using Alignment Independent Capacitive Signaling
Conference Sensor Network Localization in Constrained 3-D Spaces
Conference Sequentially Addressable Twodimensional Microwell Array for High-Throughput Single Cell-Based Assay
Conference Series-resonant Micromechanical Resonator Oscillator
Conference Shock Protection Using Integrated Nonlinear Spring Shock Stops
Conference Shock Protection Using Soft Coatings as Shock Stops
Conference Short-Term and Long-Term Testing of a Vibration Harvesting System for Bridge Health Monitoring
Conference Shortstop: An On-Chip Fast Supply Boosting Technique
Conference Silicon Microelectrodes with Flexible Integrated Cables for Neural Implant Applications
Conference Silicon-On-Silicon (SOS): A New CMOS Compatible Low-Temperature MEMS Process Using Plasma Activated Fusion Bonding
Conference Silicon-Substrate Intracortical Microelectrode Arrays with Integrated Electronics for Chronic Cortical Recording
Conference Simulation-based approach for fabrication of micro-shell resonators with controllable

stiffness and mass distribution
Conference Simultaneous Neural Recording of Spike and LFPs
Conference Simultaneous Neural Recording of Spikes and LFPs
Conference Single Cell Migration Chip Using Hydrodynamic Cell Positioning
Conference Single Electron Transistor Fabrication Using Focused Ion Beam Direct Write Technique
Conference Single Stage Static Level Shifter Design for Subthreshold to I/O Voltage Conversion
Conference Single-Crystal-Silicon Vibratory Cylinderical Rate Integrating Gyroscope (CING)
Conference Single-Resonator Fourth-Order Micromechanical Disk Filters
Conference Slot Antenna Miniaturization Using Distributed Inductive Loading
Conference Small Percent Bandwidth Design of a 431-MHz Notch-coupled Micromechanical Hollow-disk Ring Mixer-filter
Conference Small Tech Education
Conference SOI MEMS Process Insensitive to Sacrificial Oxide Etch Induced Substrate Anchor Variation With Selectable Substrate Isolation and Low Resistance Substrate Contact
Conference Spatial strain measurements using a strain-sensing grid patterned from nanocomposite

Conference Spatiotemporal Neurochemical and Electrophysiological Recordings in Rodents
Conference Spectrum Sharing as Congestion Games
Conference Spheroid Cell Culture on PDMS Hydrophobic Surfaces and Integration into Microfluidic Devices
Conference Spikes, Local Field Potentials, and Electrocorticogram Characterization During Motor Learning in Rats for Brain Machine Interface Tasks
Conference Spurious Mode Suppression in UHF Micromechanical Extensional Wine-Glass Ring Resonators
Conference Standby Currents in PD-SOI Pseudo-nMos Circuits
Conference Standby Power Reduction Techniques for Ultra-Low Power Processors
Conference Static and Dynamic Modeling of a Multi-Axis Thin-Film Piezoelectric Micro-Actuator
Conference Statistical Analysis Of Response Data Sets To Characterize The Dynamic Behavior Of The New Carquinez Suspension Bridge
Conference Stemless Wine-Glass-Mode Disk Micromechanical Resonators
Conference Stentenna: A Micromachined Antenna Stent for Wireless Monitoring of Implantable Microsensors
Conference Study and Simulation of CMOS LC Oscillator Phase Noise and Jitter
Conference Study of Polycrystalline Diamond Piezoresistive Position Sensors for Application in Cochlear Implant Probe
Conference Study of Wide LSDL Circuit Implementations
Conference Substrate Coupling: Modeling, Simulation and Design Perspectives
Conference Subwavelength Plasmonic Absorbers for Spectrally Selective Resonant Infrared Detectors
Conference Successful Pre-College Summer Programs
Conference Surface Effect Influence on the Quality Factor of Microresonators
Conference Surface Street Traffic Estimation
Conference Switchable lamb wave delay lines using AlGaN/GaN heterostructure
Conference Switchable Wide Tuning Range Bandstop Filters for Frequency-Agile Radios
Conference Synchronization of Ultra-Low Power Wireless Sensor Nodes
Conference Synthetic Micro/Nanoengineered Tools to Study Mechanobiology and Its Regulatory Role for Human Pluripotent Stem Cells
Conference Talking Directly to the Brain: Implantable Microscale Neural Interfaces for Neuroprostheses and Neuromodulation
Conference Technology and Integration of Poly-Crystalline Diamond Piezoresistive Position Sensor for Cochlear Implant Probe
Conference Technology and Integration of Poly-Crystalline Diamond Piezoresistive Position Sensors for a Cochlear Implant Probe
Conference Technology Assisted Science, Engineering and Mathematics (TASEM) Education at All Levels Using K-Ph.D. Concept
Conference Technology for Fabricating Dense 3-D Microstructure Arrays for Biomimetic Hair-Like Sensors
Conference Temperature Compensated Fused Silica Resonators Using Embedded Nickel-Refilled Trenches
Conference Temperature Compensated Silicon Resonators for Space Applications
Conference Temperature-Compensated Piezoelectrically Actuated Lamé-Mode Resonators
Conference Temperature-Compensated Piezoelectrically Actuated Lamé-Mode Resonators
Conference Testing and Assembly of WIMS Cubes Containing Passive and Active Integrated Cables
Conference The Benefits of Modular Brain-Machine Interface System Design
Conference The Dynamics of the Golf Swing as Measure by Strapdown Inertial Sensors
Conference The Dynamics of the Golf Swing as Measured by Strapdown Inertial Sensors
Conference The Effect of Charge Redistribution on Limiting the kt2.Q Product of Piezoelectrically Transduced Resonators
Conference The Effect of Node Density and Propagation Model on Throughput Scaling of Wireless Networks
Conference The Effect of Structural Parameters on the Characteristics of Finite Ground Coplanar Waveguides on Silicon Substrates for 60 and 94 GHz Applications
Conference The Effect of the Substrate on the Extracellular Neural Activity Recorded with Micromachined Silicon Microprobes
Conference The Electrocorticogram as a Feedback Control Signal for Deep Brain Stimulation of the Subthalmic Neucleus in the Hemi-Parkinsonian Rat
Conference The Impact of Globalism on the Millenial Student
Conference The Michigan Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS) Environmental Sensor Platform
Conference The Microfabricated Gas Chromatograph: State-of-the-Art Review and Implications for Occupational Health
Conference The Micromachined FlashFET: A Low-Power, Three-Terminal Device for High Speed Detection of Vapors at Atmospheric Pressure
Conference The Phoenix Processor: A 30pW Platform for Sensor Applications
Conference The Role of Academic Advising in Improving Retention of Students At-Risk
Conference The Role of Flexible Polymer Interconnects in Chronic Tissue Response Induced by Intracortical Microelectrodes – a Modeling and an in Vivo Study
Conference The Supporting Role of CAD/CAM Tools in Undergraduate Research Education in Electrical and Computer Engineering
Conference The WIMS Cube: A Microsystem Package with Actuated Flexible Connections and Re-workable Assembly
Conference Theoretical &amp; Experimental Analysis of Active Valve Pumping for High Flow Rate Applications
Conference Theoretical and Experimental Performance of a High Frequency Micropump
Conference Thermal Behavior of High-Performance Temperature-Programmed Microfabricated Gas Chromatography Columns
Conference Thermal Method of Gas Separation with Micro-pores
Conference Thick Macroporous Membranes Made of p-type Silicon
Conference Thin-Film Diamond Packaging
Conference Thinned-PZT on SOI Process and Design Optimization for Piezoelectric Inertial Energy Harvesting
Conference Third-Order Intermodulation Distortion in Capacitively-Driven VHF Micromechanical Resonators
Conference Three-Axis Piezoelectric Vibration Energy Harvester
Conference Three-Dimensional 160-Site Microelectrode Array for Cochlear Nucleus Mapping Studies
Conference Threshold Voltage Improvement and Gate Leakage Current Reduction in a Multi-dot Room Temperature Operating Single Electron Transistor (RT-SET)
Conference Throughput Scaling in Random Wireless Networks: A Non-Heirarchial Multipath Routing Strategy
Conference Time synchronization in a network of bluetooth low energy beacons
Conference Timing Error Correction Techniques for Voltage- Scalable On-Chip Memories
Conference Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches to Stable Clock Synthesis
Conference Total Leakage Optimization Strategies for Multi-Level Caches
Conference Toward Chronic Multi-Electrode Microsystems for Neuroscience and Advanced Neural Prosthesis
Conference Towards Chip-scale Atomic Clocks
Conference Towards LSI Vibrating Micromechanical Signal Processors
Conference Transfer of Metal MEMS Packages Using a Wafer-Level Solder Sacrificial Layer
Conference Transient Liquid Phase (TLP) Bonding for MEMS
Conference Trapping and Manipulation of Particles and Droplets Using Micro-Toroidal Convection Currents
Conference Tri-band Reconfigurable Antenna for Active RFID
Conference Tutorial Session 2B-Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) for Frequency and Timing References
Conference Two Approaches to Micromachining Si Heat Exchanger for Joule-Thomson Cryosurgical Probes
Conference Two-dimensional Position Detecting System Using MEMS Accelerometer for MOUSE Application
Conference UHF High-Order Radial-Contour-Mode Disk Resonators
Conference UHF Micromechanical Extensional Wine-Glass Mode Ring Resonators
Conference UHF Nickel Micromechanical Spoke-Supported Ring Resonators
Conference Ultra conformal high aspect-ratio small-gap capacitive electrode formation technology for

3D micro shell resonators
Conference Ultra high aspect-ratio and thick deep silicon etching (UDRIE)
Conference Ultra Low Power Microsystems Using RF Energy Scavenging (Invited)
Conference Ultra-fine Structures on Neural Probes Reduce Cellular Encapsulation
Conference Ultra-high contrast shutter with a tunable optical cavity
Conference Ultra-Low Power Circuit Techniques for a New Class of Sub-mm<sup>3</sup> Sensor Nodes
Conference Ultra-Low Power Circuit Techniques for Miniaturized Sensor Nodes
Conference Ultra-Low Power Design for WSN
Conference Ultra-low-noise transimpedance amplifier for high-performance MEMS resonant

Conference Ultracompliant, Passively Decoupled Thermal Probe Arrays: Large Area Mapping of Non-Planar Surfaces Without Force Feedback
Conference Ultrasound-Assisted Micro-Knife for Cellular Scale Surgery
Conference UMIPS: A Semiconductor IP Repository for IC Design Research and Education
Conference Using Drie Silicon as a Cutting Tool for High Precision Micromachining of Metal Alloys
Conference Using Field Measured Ambient-induced Vibration Responses for Finite Element Model Calibration of the Carquinez Bridge
Conference Using Redundancy to Break the Link Between Accuracy and Speed in an ADC
Conference Valve-Only Pumping in Mechanical Gas Micropumps
Conference Variability Analysis of a Digitally Trimmable Ultra-Low Power Voltage Reference
Conference Versatile CMOS-MEMS Integrated Piezoelectric Platform
Conference Vibrating Micromechanical Resonators with Solid Di-electric Capacitive-transducer 'Gaps'
Conference Vibrating RF MEMS for Next Generation Wireless Applications
Conference Vibrating RF MEMS Overview: Applications to Wireless Communications
Conference Vibrating RF MEMS Technology: Fuel for an Integrated Micromechanical Circuit Revolution?
Conference Vibration Sensitivity of MEMS Tuning Fork Gyroscopes
Conference Virtual Components for Droplet Control Using Marangoni Flows: Size-Selective Filters, Traps, Channels, and Pumps
Conference Viscoelastic Behavior of Rat Cortex in Response to Micro-Scale-Volume Fluid Injections
Conference VIX: Virtual Input Crossbar for Efficient Switch Allocation
Conference VIX: Virtual Input Crossbars for Efficent Switch Allocation
Conference VLSI Architecture for Neural Processing
Conference VLSI Design Curriculum
Conference Volume of Cortical Activation as a Function of Electrical Stimulation Configuration, Duration, and Amplitude in Auditory Cortex
Conference Wafer Bonding Using Parylene and Wafer-Level Transfer of Free-Standing Parylene Membranes
Conference Wafer Bonding Using Parylene and Wafer-level Transfer of Freestanding Parylene Membranes
Conference Wafer Level Vacuum/Hermetic Packaging of MEMS Devices
Conference Wafer-Level Vacuum Package with Vertical Feedthroughs
Conference Wet Etching & Uniform Wafer-level Thinning of Bulk Piezoelectric Ceramics on Silicon
Conference What Should a First College Course on MEMS Be?
Conference Whole-Angle-Mode Micromachined Fused-Silica Birdbath Resonator Gyroscope (WA-BRG)
Conference Wide Input Range 1.7µW 1.2kS/s Resistive Sensor Interface Circuit with 1 Cycle/Sample Logarithmic Sub-Ranging
Conference Wide Limited Switch Dynamic Logic Circuit Implementations
Conference WIMS Comprehensive Education Program
Conference Winning with WIMS: Creative Strategies for University/government/Industry Collaborations
Conference Wireless Biliary Stent System With Wishbone-Array Resonant Magnetoelastic (WARM) Sensor and Conformal Magnetic Layer
Conference Wireless Feedback Control Using a Cochlea Inspired Compressive Sensing Approach
Conference Wireless Implantable Microsystems for Neural Recording and Stimulation
Conference Wireless Implantable Microsystems: Creating a Revolution in Health Care
Conference Wireless Implantable Microsystems: Electronic Interface to the Cellular World
Conference Wireless Implantable Microsystems: Toward Submillimeter Devices for Improved Health Care
Conference Wireless Integrated Microsystems (WIMS): Coming Revolution in the Gathering of Information
Conference Wireless Integrated MicroSystems:Coming Revolution in the Gathering of Information
Conference Wireless Integrated MicroSystems: Coming Revolution in the Gathering of Information
Conference Wireless Interface Chip for Power and Bidirectional Data Telemetry Dedicated to a Cochlear Implantable Microsystem
Conference Wireless Interfaces for Implantable Biomedical Microsystems
Conference Wireless magnetoelastic transducers for biomedical applications
Conference Wireless Multichannel Biopotential Recording Using an Integrated FM Telemetry Circuit
Conference Wireless Remotely Power Telemetry in 0.25µm CMOS
Conference Wireless Sensing of Discharge Characteristics for Quality Control in Batch Mode Micro-Electro-Discharge Machining
Conference Wireless telemetry for Micro Intracortical Neural Implants
Conference Wireless Telemetry for Micro Intracortical Neural Interfaces
Conference Wireless thin film strain sensing circuit for implantable applications
Conference Zero-IF VGA with Novel Offset Cancellation
Journal µGC × µGC: Comprehensive Two-Dimensional Gas Chromatographic Separations with Microfabricated Components
Journal 3-Dimensional Blow Torch-Molding of Fused Silica Microstructures
Journal 3.37 µW/Ch modular scalable neural recording system with embedded lossless compression for dynamic power reduction
Journal 4.32-pJ/b, Overlap-Free, Feedforward Edge-Combiner-Based Ultra-Wideband Transmitter

for High-Channel-Count Neural Recording
Journal 8.1 nJ/b 2.4 GHz Short-Range Communication Receiver in 65 nm CMOS
Journal 8.1 nJ/B 2.4 GHz Short-Range Communication Receiver in 65 nm CMOS
Journal A 0.5 V Sub-Microwatt CMOS Image Sensor With Pulse-Width Modulation Read-Out
Journal A 1.2-MHz 5.8-µW Temperature-Compensated Relaxation Oscillator in 130-nm CMOS
Journal A 1.48-mW Low-Phase-Noise Analog Frequency Modulator for Wireless Biotelemetry
Journal A 10 mm3 Inductive Coupling Radio for Syringe-Implantable Smart Sensor Nodes
Journal A 10 mV-Input Boost Converter with Inductor Peak Current Control and Zero Detection for Thermoelectric and Solar Energy Harvesting with 220 mV Cold-Start and -14.5 dBm, 915 MHz RF Kick-Start
Journal A 100 µm Diameter Capacitive Pressure Sensor with 50 MPa Dynamic Range
Journal A 12 mW Low Power Continuous-Time Bandpass ?S Modulator with 58 dB SNDR and 24 MHz Bandwidth at 200 MHz IF
Journal A 14 b 23 MS/s 48 mW Resetting S? ADC
Journal A 14 mW Fractional-N PLL Modulator with a Digital Phase Detector and Frequency Switching Scheme
Journal A 20-pW Discontinuous Switched-Capacitor Energy Harvester for Smart Sensor Applications
Journal A 28 nm Configurable Memory (TCAM/BCAM/SRAM) Using Push-Rule 6T Bit Cell Enabling Logic-In-Memory
Journal A 3-D 160-Site Microelectrode Array for Cochlear Nucleus Mapping
Journal A 3-D Camera with Adaptable Background Light Suppression Using Pixel-Binning and Super-Resolution
Journal A 3.4-µW Object-Adaptive CMOS Image Sensor with Embedded Feature Extraction Algorithm for Motion-Triggered Object-of-Interest Imaging
Journal A 32-Site 4-Channel High-Density Electrode Array for a Cochlear Prosthesis
Journal A 346 ?m 2 VCO-Based, Reference-Free, Self-Timed Sensor Interface for Cubic-Millimeter Sensor Nodes in 28 nm CMOS
Journal A 4-GS/s 4-Bit Flash ADC in 0.18-µm CMOS
Journal A 5.58 nW Crystal Oscillator Using Pulsed Driver for Real-Time Clocks
Journal A 5.8 nW CMOS Wake-Up Timer for Ultra-Low-Power Wireless Applications
Journal A 6.45 ? W Self-Powered SoC with Integrated Energy-Harvesting Power Management and ULP Asymmetric Radios for Portable Biomedical Systems
Journal A 60 GHz Antenna-Referenced Frequency-Locked Loop in 0.13 µm CMOS for Wireless Sensor Networks
Journal A 64 Channel Programmable Closed-Loop Neurostimulator with 8 Channel Neural Amplifier and Logarithmic ADC
Journal A 9-bit, 14 µW and 0.06 mm<sup>2</sup> Pulse Position Modulation ADC in 90 nm Digital CMOS
Journal A Batch-Mode Micromachining Process for Spherical Structures
Journal A battery model that enables consideration of realistic anisotropic environment

surrounding an active material particle and its application
Journal A battery model that fully couples mechanics and electrochemistry at both particle and

electrode levels by incorporation of particle interaction
Journal A Bidirectional Neural Interface Circuit with Active Stimulation Artifact Cancellation and Cross-Channel Common-Mode Noise Suppression
Journal A Biochip with a 3D Microfluidic Architecture for Trapping White Blood Cells
Journal A Biopsy Tool with Integrated Piezoceramic Elements for Needle Tract Cauterization and Cauterization Monitoring
Journal A Blood Sampling Microsystem for Pharmacokinetic Applications: Design, Fabrication, and Initial Results
Journal A Bulk Silicon Micromachined Structure for Gas Microdischarge-Based Detection of Beta-Particles
Journal A Class of Low Voltage, Elastomer-Metal 'Wet' Actuators for Use in High-Density Microfluidics
Journal A CMOS-Compatible High Aspect Ratio Silicon-on-Glass In-Plane Micro-Accelerometer
Journal A CMOS-Integrated Microinstrument for Trace Detection of Heavy Metals
Journal A Compact Large Voltage-Compliance High Output-Impedance Programmable Current Source for Implantable Microstimulators
Journal A comprehensive study of manganese deposition and side reactions in Li-ion battery electrodes
Journal A Constant Energy-Per-Cycle Ring Oscillator Over a Wide Frequency Range for Wireless Sensor Nodes