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Startup Companies


Faculty and students associated with the Center have initiated a number of start-ups.

Name of Firm Date Established Product Line
 Sensicore 2000 Water Quality Sensing
2001 Integrated Communications Transceivers
Mobius Microsystems 2002 Integrated Sensing Interfaces and Systems            
 PicoCal 2003 Thermal Probes; Biomedical Therapeutics
NeuroNexus Technologies   2004 High-Density Neural Interfaces
 NanoBrick 2005 MEMS Education
 Sakti3 2006 Batteries
 ePack 2007 MEMS Packaging
 Civionics  2009  Wireless Systems
 Enertia  2010 Energy Harvesting
 Structured Microsystems  2010 MEMS Microfabrication Research and Development
 Ambiq Micro  2010 3D Stacked ICs in a Single Package
 Psi Kick  2013 Low power circuits and energy harvesting
 Cubeworks  2013 Sub-millimeter computing
 Omniscent  2017   VOC sensing as a service
 Movellus 2014 Innovative clock generator

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